Does anybody else feel completely unsexy during winter time?

I would love to walk around the house naked or get out my sexy outfits and do a bit of seducing but it's just so damn cold! Then when you do have sex you need to be well under the covers with the heater cranked up, then peel off the myriad of layers you have encased yourself within to discover that yes you do still have genitals somewhere in there...

Yes! I know exactly how you feel hun! Feel unsexy being nearly 6 months pregnant just adds to it lol.

Having said that I love my little bump! 😊

Yep im the same x

The weather outside doesn't bother me I like to walk round the house naked as I know it turns the OH on and as for wearing anything in bed well if I'm cold I just snuggle up and it soon gets hotter!

Must admit it's not the sexiest time of year but I do like it when it's a really crappy evening like tonight to pull curtains get log burner lit and a few candles and it can soon feel a really sexy time!

Winter depressing me, I want to hide away in a cave for 5 months of the year under a layer of blankets and warm cuddley things.

So walking around wearing anything sexy at this time of the year doesn't happen often its more of a look what i'm wearing under all these layers of blankets. ![](upload://5BDs2y1gm13l2R58ovmAMxyNM3f.gif)

numbnuts81 wrote:

I do like it when it's a really crappy evening like tonight to pull curtains get log burner lit and a few candles and it can soon feel a really sexy time!

Oh I wish we had something as amazing as a wood burning stove, somehow cuddling up in front of the heater doesn't hve quite the same appeal :D

I do't mind it really. It is more fun for me being active in wintertime. IN the summer all I do is sweat and sweat and that is just Yuck for me. I am not a fan of sweating. I prefer cold weather. But I am ill so I am always hot.

I try to stay sexy in the winter for my partner but to be honest I think the lack of sunlight leaves me looking abit gross so I just want to cuddle up with my vibrator and a cup of tea next to me.

I don't think winter makes me feel any less sexy but I don't like it ! I always used to be too hot whatever the weather but over the last year I've lost 5 stone and this winter I seem to be permanently freezing 😞 Guess I've lost my insulation.

Haha, I had this exact problem! I live in a student house so it was really cold in December/January time and it got to the point where I didn't want to get naked :') Thankfully my boyfriend has said he doesn't mind at all if I'm wearing socks during sex (he's not a fan of feet) and the sex got a lot better after that! I feel less sexy but it's much nicer when your feet aren't blocks of ice

Yes!! Frumpy jumpers which are 2x to big, warm winter onesies and to top it off granny pants!! 😂my poor poor boyfriend!

YES!!!! absolutely! in the summer im happy to go to bed naked or wear nice outfits. not in the winter lol

Thank god my bf doesnt mind me wearing tops, socks sometimes a cardi duribg sex otherwise id freeze n he'd get nothing... I let him keep his on too lol

Yeah, same here .I hate the cold and our house is freezing. All sexual activity has to take place under the duvet and I keep my thick socks on too!
Can't wait for the summer, it's so much easier to be spontaneous and I love sex outdoors.
Also noticed my weight loss has ground to a halt in the winter cos all I want is warm comfort food!

I hate the winter! Its so cold in my house, while its nice to cosy up next to the open fire once you get upstairs my god its cold. Before we get in bed we have to hair dryer it to make it warm not very sexy.

Also the bathroom its so cold that grooming goes out the window in the winter months!

Roll on spring :)

sinenomine wrote:

ShinySparkle wrote:

At least nipples stay hard!!!!

Shame other parts don't!!

I don't think this is a seasonal problem, sine!

Usually I would agree and say in winter I tend to go in to hibernation when it's cold but this winter I lost over half a stone and never felt sexier. Hopefully a bit more to come and this summer can be sizzling.

I have found however that that a body stocking has Ben good on colder nights. It also helps that my OH is a very hot blooded sexy beast ;)

Hate winter :( spring and clocks change only four weeks away not long until those rays warm our bones and libidos xxx