Womanizer X Inside/out

Hi, new to this group and hoping someone can help please? Purchased the Womanizer X insideout took ages to get the hang of charging as couldn’t see the light. Finally figured that out. Turned on and worked perfectly / couldn’t change any speeds tho - and now won’t turn off!! Anyone know how I can turn off and the + just isn’t doing a thing lol - nightmare

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Interesting. The first InsideOut I had had a similar problem. Increasing and decreasing the intensity worked but after it’s first charge it got itself stuck powered on and there was no way to turn it off. Plugging in it’s charger did nothing, it just kept on going. As it was fully charged and so loud it had to go and sleep in the spare bedroom over night until it’s battery died!

I contacted customer care and a replacement and free postage returns lable were sent straight away. The replacement has worked perfectly for more than a year with no problems so I woulsd suggest you chat to customer care as it’s clearly a known (occassional) issue.

The charging light, obviously not a fault, but I completely agree with you that inside the suction head is a really stupid, impracticle place to put the light!

I think you should speak to customer service and send it back for a replacement it sounds faulty to me.

Welcome to the forum :upside_down_face: sounds like if it’s a faulty item then your best bets are to contact Lovehoney customer service or alternatively look at the instructions manual first to see if there’s a solution in that :nerd_face:

Faulty for sure ….

I agree it sounds faulty I didn’t have this problem I killed mine with overuse lol