Women in charge!!

Hi all I m new to this so please be gentle !! I am in a "chummy mummy" relationship with an older women. She is in a well paid job and I get to enjoy all the benefits of nice meals etc. However they are consequences if I misbehave !!

Please feel free to ask any questions

Hi Sorebilly, sounds interesting, what type of consequences will happen?

Hello and thanks for replying. It depends on what I have done. Maybe a scolding, grounded ? For worse things maybe a smacked leg or a trip over her knee.

Sorry if I post a lot !! Nerves !

I am 25 and she is 52. I think that she is amazing and it works well for us.

What is misbehaving? Masturbating I guess?

Sounds divine. I'd be pushing all the 'trip over knee' buttons I could think of. Perhaps you could let her catch you wearing a pair of her panties and see what the result of that would be ....

Mastibating , not doing as I m told. I got one earlier for waking her up when I came back in last night after being out with my friends. Not into the wearing her panties. Ha I barely get to keep mine up !

And yes I do push her buttons !! Helped by the fact she is very strict !

Lucky you scorebilly

I know I am lucky, still do not realise how I manged it