Alternative period products

Hi i’m looking for some alternative period products advice.

I’m going to stop taking my pill soon which will mean my periods will start again . Which I’m not looking forwad too! I wanted to try some alternative period protection and was looking at either the period knickers or some reusable pads. Does anyone have any tips or recommendations please?

I’ve used moon cups in the past and really didn’t get on with them.

thanks fizzy

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I use reusable pads. I bought the charcoal bamboo ones (with clip shut wings) online and they work really well ( but there are loads of others). I’ve only bled around/through them once which was because i needed to change it (i used to bleed through disposable ones a lot). They’re easy enough to clean to, i just soak them overnight in cold water and a sterilising tablet (the same kind you can get loads of for baby stuff) then put them in a wash once I’m finished for the month (and for me the 10 is about the right number). (hopefully the link isn’t against the rules)


Thanks I’ll have a look

I use reusable pads theyre great and my periods are less painful now too, no issues with leakage or staining either definitely recommend. Ive 15ish I just rinse in cold water when I change it then throw in washer for when I put a load on.


I use reusable pads. A lovely lady on ebay makes to order. Charlenesbunnies is her ebay name x


My wife uses reusable towels from honour your flow and petit lulu.

She really likes them and finds them extremely comfy compared to disposable ones. She wished she had started using them a long time ago.

She simply soaks them in water with a little soda crystal and tea tree oil until the wash, we’ve got a mucky wipes box for that.

Some brands do period pants - sounds like a very good option too.

Frankly, it’s an investment to start with… but it actually pays off earlier than you’d think.


100% recommend reusble pads. I only switched in the last year but they are so much better. I used to be really sensitive to disposable pads, would give me rashes etc but ive had none of that since ive switched. Ive also noticed im not as heavy either. I get mine of ebay the sellers name is clothe mama x


Ooh @fizzy I have gone crazy lately trying different things!

I’ve been trying reusable liners and period pants to get away from disposables and have to say am getting on with them really well. I’m growing my collection and have no intention of going back to disposables.

I’m quite a heavy bleeder so have mainly been basing my exact products on that but I can share what I’ve found and liked!

reusable pads

I bought a set from rovtop (multicoloured and pretty) and another set from eco Lilly (all the same pretty purple) both off Amazon.
They sit inside your pants and the poppers clip into place underneath - the friction of the material against the pants stops then moving.
I’ve worn them both day and night and never had an issue with them moving about.
Once you’ve used them you rinse them out until the water runs clean and then pop them in a low temp wash without fabric softener and then line/radiator dry them. (Same thing for period pants)
Quite often sets you buy come with waterproof bags so you have somewhere to keep them if you’re out and about.

period pants

I’ve currently got pairs from modibodi, wuka and flux and I use them all for overnight. I’ve not had any leaks with them and find them all really comfy.

There are also pairs with side fastenings so you can change them without removing any other clothes.

If you want more specifics between the three then let me know!

Main thing to think about is how heavy your flow will be and to choose something that will work for you!


@Cassii my periods are usually heavy but I haven’t had one since I started the mini pill. Unfortunately I have a fibroid which doesn’t help. I’m hoping I won’t have periods for to long as 8 really don’t like them.

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I have been wanting to try reusable pads for a long time but with there being so many different ones I have no idea where to start or what to look for (material etc) , whether they are of equal protection to disposable pads and whether they move about/how to stop that from happening.


@Kinkypup I am really pleased with mine. They have wings and a popper to fasten.
As absorbent as the disposable ones I used to use.


Thank god I’m past all of that! But good luck, everyone, in finding what works best for you.

Does anyone know if there are reusable pant liners out there?


@MsR I think my Ebay lady does x

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Thanks - I’ll have a look tomorrow :+1:

Thank you so much for replying… I’m definitely going to go and have a look!

My wife loves using her moon cup, swears by it now :slight_smile:

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I’ve used these before I had my ablation and I too really recommend these pads. I have the the night time and panty liner size.
I’ve always hated traditional period products, reusable pads (or just a moon cup) have worked well for me.

Yes, I use them. eBay, Amazon or wish have them.

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Thanks - I’ll have a look!

Thanks for all the advice everyone. I tried the reusable pads and didn’t get on with them well. I have now discovered the period knickers. Im getting on with th well and thier really comfy.