Charger management

Hi all

My first topic here but I am a frequent viewer.

So my question is how do you all manage the cables associated with the plethora of toys everyone has.

I struggle tbh, as most are very similar in size and don’t really give any indication of what toys they are for.

It’s usually a guessing game and hoping that I don’t insert the wrong charger into the wing you and break it.

So any tips or tricks you all have would be appreciated.


Just keeping each toy and charger together rather than all tossed into a box works for me.

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I keep mine in the same bag/box as the toy. :slightly_smiling_face::+1:


Same I keep it with the toy…

I use those mini envelopes you usually put money in and write the name of the toy the charger is for on it. 1 cable, 1 envelope. Then I put all the envelopes in a little biscuit tin I have.

I’ve had this charger tin from when I lived with my parents, so I used to write the names in code or give them weird little nicknames to throw off the fact they were for sex toys if they were even found.

Some toys may come with their own storage bag or box, so I mainly keep those ones together.


I will admit i have chargers mixed up a bit, however i basically tested all the chargers to see which ones were the same. So the ones tangled together should all work for the same toys they’re by (and the few that have unique chargers are just stored with the charger)

I buy cute storage bags for each toy and keep the charger in that bag alongside the toy!

I bought some cable holders that stick to surfaces and stick them on the side of the drawer so they are tidied away but for the cables that are for sex toys the cable holder’s colour match the colour of the toy as all our rechargeable ones are different colours so far


I keep them with the toys where I can and have also written initials or identifiable letters/markings on the side of the USB bit in Sharpie so it’s not immediately obvious but when moved I can read them.

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Tarot bags could be nice for smaller items. :shopping:

I also keep chargers in the same box or bag as the toy it belongs to.

If I have several toys in a box they are usually the same brand e.g. Desire or Mantric, and tend to have the same chargers - if there is the odd one which is different to the rest it would probably only fit that one toy in the box.

Lovehoney sell both little satin bags (big enough for most toys) and lockable boxes which can hold a few toys.

I’m starting to wonder about labelling them - sticking a little sticky label round the top and popping the name on (kinda like how a loaf of bread is sealed)


That’s a good idea @Cassii , I think I need to do that :thinking:

Most of mine are with the toy in its storage pouch or box, however, my most used toys have the chargers by my bed with a couple in my laptop.

Like others I keep em in the same bag or box, some toys I keep in the OG box with the charger. It’s just easier that way.

I bought a label maker.

All my cables (and I have a lot) are neatly labelled now.

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Well I’m like you I just guess lol. Sunday is my “charging day” from toothbrushes to vibrators lol. So the fun of finding them all out begins

I do what Cassii described.

When I receive an order, I don’t throw away the invoice because it’s on a sticker. There’s plenty of room to write the name of the toy. Then I cut it, stick it around the cable and then back on to itself. So I have a nice little tag on each cable.

Then I keep all my cables in a cookie-type tin box.
I don’t store the (plastic-covered) cables along with my toys because some materials can react/ melt/ deteriorate if in contact with other plastics.


That’s interesting. All mine are silicone so I haven’t encountered this problem. I’m curious to know if this has happened to anyone else?

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Not with cables/ chargers, but I destroyed many of my first sex toys because I stored them all together in a box. They were made of silicone, jelly and hard plastic. The first two don’t like being in direct contact.

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