Cum swapping

My wife and I did it recently but it kind of just happened in the moment:
We were 69ing for a while then moved onto sex and kissing.
My lips and face were covered in her pussy juices. So as we were kissing, I whispered “it’s like you’re kissing your pussy, tastes amazing, doesn’t it?”. She replied “Ye, I like it. Can you taste your cock on my tongue?” I said “Ye, it’s good. I’m going to cum on your pussy later, then lick it clean”. She said “do it”
Never done this before. Wasn’t really something I’ve fantasised about. It was just in the moment and she seemed really turned on by the idea.
My wife came as we were having sex, then I pulled out and came all over her pussy and pubic area.
The desire to lick my cum off her had dwindled slightly but I decided to stay true to my word and went down on her. There was a lot of cum. It was such a turn on licking it up, getting it all over my lips and face. I could tell she was really turned on by it too. But the biggest turn on of all, was when I finished, she pulled my head up towards hers and started passionately kissing me and licking the cum off my face.
I love those ‘in the moment’ moments. It’s one of my favourite wank thoughts now.


I enjoy sharing his cum with him, sometimes I’m greedy and keep it all for himself.

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I love it. It’s so sensual! Most of the time my wife swallows but sometimes she loves to kiss me after a blowjob and share it with me!


Its something we have started doing as the mood takes us. She likes me to finish on her and then clean her up. Her fantasy is for me to cum quickly inside her and then lick her out (problem is she gets sensitive down there so cant take too much oral action after she has orgasmed)

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I really really want to do this. I find it so hot when I see couples snogging after he’s cum in her mouth.
The closest I’ve ever come to doing this is when my wife is giving me a blowjob and the build up of lube and saliva is so much she has to spit it out, but we kissed straight away and she spat it into my mouth. So hot! Just want to do it with the real thing now!


I love it when we do this find it so hot you should definitely try it