Do you have a preference for the colour of your toys?

I'd say I like the purple or black ones because I'm all about those edgy tones. Pink is ok, too. I'm not too fussy, though. I'm not going to avoid buying a toy if it's not in black or something.

The only colours I don't like are the fleshy coloured ones and that's mainly because I find the realistic toys unappealing.

I recently bought 2 tongue toys which are red and blue and they are the only toys of that colour in my collection. It got me thinking as to why most sex toys seem to be purple, black or pink. Hmm...I wonder if there is a reason for this? It's quite interesting, right?

So what's your colour preference if you have one?

I definitely prefer black or blue. Had a rummage through my dungeon drawers to check and noticed a black and chrome theme. No pink no sparkle (it definitely puts me off) only thing that stood out is some red rope. My bit of stuff tends to go for black for his purchases too. It doesn't matter if he is buying it for use on him or me. I had never considered it before, definitely interesting thought! I think the black can allow for more versatile use of some products. The toy then isn't overtly masculine or feminine, the g-spot massager could easily be rubbing a p-spot and does, well at least in our house!

I’m a lover of all things Purple. Not just in sex toys either so purple for the win if I have a choice. We haven’t really considered it to be fair we have a bit of black stuff but mainly cock rings and h has the mantric prostate massager which is black. The only think I have black is the beaded glass dildo. Everything else is mainly purple, clear (glass) or pink I think. I’m going to be organizing stuff in next week or so, so will have a better ideas the ! - although I have just purchased the fifty shades steel butt plug which is our first metal and looks gorgeous.

Many of my go to sex toys seem to be purple. Not particularly by deliberate choice but just because that’s how things have worked out. Generally I like a bit of variety in my sex toy colours.

Like to see my gf with black/brown toys as I love the whole bbc kink haha

As unlifelike as possible. Translucent if available, otherwise anything as far from flesh colour as it gets.

I tend to like purple too (in everything, not just toys!)

My husband's pegging cocks are all realistic in shape and colour (with balls), so it is easy to tell our toys apart!

Red and blue are my favourites. There are so many pinks and purples in the sex toy world that any other colour grabs my interest first :)

At min I've a mix of colours a bit of flash. Red. Black. Translucent it's whatever takes me on the day x

I have some toys that are rainbow and some that kind of tie-dye/swirly purply. I like purple but prefer it not to dark. I used to not like flesh colours but now I don't mind. I'm I'm a bit of a pastel princess so pinks and baby blues are nice. Black or red (except certain reds like the flickering tongue) would be my least favourite but it doesn't stop me buying a toy.

I love pink and purple and glittery, lol typical girls girl, not keen on realitic flesh colours but I dont let a colour stop me from purchasing anything

I really don't mind! However it's more practical with lighter colours because they're easier to see when it's kind of dark. ![](upload://5BDs2y1gm13l2R58ovmAMxyNM3f.gif) That doesn't stop me from buying dark coloured toys though, because it's the sensation that matters most.

I prefer all my toys to be black; it just seems so uniform that way and they look cleaner to me than a realistic skin tone coloured toy being clean ? For sissification stuff, pale pink all the way though. I also like clear stuff, especially if the toy involves suction so I can ensure everything’s safe and such. :> Y’know what ? I bet colour-changing toys based on temperature would be rad.

I like a clean and simple white toy most but love colourful things too. Particularly love pastel tones, everytime I see yet another hot pink offering I can't help but wish they'd opted for a pale pink instead. Or purple, why is it so often the same dark purple? Lavender tones need more love <3

Neither of us like the idea of 'realistic' flesh-tone toys. Black is, I guess our favourite, but purple is fine too.

Depends on the situation and position, if we’re having some threeway action then flesh colours are ideal. But I do love seeing my partner with a pink one 🙈

Pinks and purples dominate my toy boxes, and I've started to edge towards the clear, translucent toys recently. I definitely need more of a mix of colours!

We really do need some more colourful toys on LoveHoney. E.g. a bright green with a stripe pattern or something

For toys black underwear black Red blue

For toys always black