Fave TV Progs at the mo...!

Have you give it a go?

Sorry I thought I was replying to another thread :man_facepalming:t3: Yes honestly, I was reading about it the other day :crossed_fingers::ok_hand:t3:

Yes, rumour has it a few of the Netflix charcters will be turning up in the Disney MCU, Charlie Cox is rumoured to be playing Peter’s lawyer in the new Spider-man film…

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A few I’ve watched and enjoyed on Netflix:
It’s always sunny in Philadelphia
Kim’s convenience
Ash vs evil dead
Marvel punisher
Sons of anarchy
Queen of the south
Van helsing
Wynonna Earp

Quite enjoying Jupiter’s Legacy on Netflix.

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I started watching Servant season 1 on Saturday night, and finished it 4am Sunday morning, could not turn it off! Cannot wait for a second season, I screened at my screen when the credits started rolling!

Just on with mare of easttown! Pretty good :ok_hand:t3:

Was looking at this, think I’ll give it a go! Looks like my kind of thing :ok_hand:

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I’m watching 24 at the moment, up to season 9 now.
Other than that -
New Amsterdam
Creamerie (A NZ comedy where all men have died from some mysterious disease and its only women left)
Nancy Drew

There are a few others we flick through casually

Cancelled Sky contract and now have frig all to watch. Thought prices were meant to come down the longer you stayed, mine went WAY up for base package.
Any recommendations, Netflix, Now tv etc?

I got bored of 24 after season 35

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