first orgasm

I had watched a program on tv when i was quite young about orgasms they were saying different ways woman found to achieve an orgasm and one was to fold a pillow in half and simulate sex so me being the adventurous little soul i was would go and try this and first time managed to achieve an orgasm stil use this method sometimes if i cant be arsed to get my vibrator lol.

sounds like prat shag to me.... where it is simulated instead of penatrated...but it works... my first orgasm was in my shower :O when I was young... I didnt even know what it was that happened :S I was cleaning myself and suddenly it felt real good ... then apresto... I was a bit shocked.. but the next day I was back in the shower!!
I later read about the female body in a book mi mum gave me and it talked about orgasms :P so I realised it wasnt just me that could do that ..

I can't remember my first orgasm at that sad?

My first orgasm only involved me gently rubbing my nipples, very slowly, very still works to this day!

:O you came with just nipple stimulation ??? how the hell does that work!! My god I'm missing out on everything :( lmao

it's not as strange as it might sound. i can orgasm when my hubby play's with my nip's. or suck's on them.

Reply to Laynie:
Honest, my right nipple is I think THE most sensitive part on my body.
I was only about 16/17 the first time,never seen a vibrator,had'nt discovered finger play and this felt so good!
It's very soothing and relaxing too! I love to do it to myself when I'm on own...usually it leads to other things, depending on if I feel really horny or if I just want to feel good inside....but YES it does work.
PS.....I get very little sensation however in my left nipple which for the most part is inverted but my right one !!!!

mine are sensetive and I love it when hubby does his magic with em but I have never orgasmed through them... it just makes me more sensetive down below :S maybe if he just did that and nothing else in time it would happen ? :S

P.S thanks for the advice lesley... you always give good advice :)

I honestly don't know....when my hubby does it, it's only going to go further...but on my own it's a different sensation,I just relax and my mind drifts feel like I could sleep blissfully at times! Of course most times it just gets me going and is followed by rubbing and vibros (which I love!) but other times this is enough for me....not "Big O" stuff but still nice!

It sounds like a comfort thing for you... can I ask if you breast fed your kids... I did both of mine and I feel like my nipples are less sensetive since I did!

Yeah...only got one hurt like hell! Maybe it goes back to this doing it for me "The First Time", my hubby soon discovered the way to my knickers was via my nipples though (I was a virgin when we started going together, I was 18.) If you browse my profile..when I joined OA, I mentioned about nipple play being my turn on..I just wish my left one was half as sensitive as my right....PPS..can't touch them when it's" time of the month" they are very sensitive then...and not in a nice way!

My first orgasm was having sex with an ex boyfriend at the time and we had sex in a leisure centre car park in a car and getting caught by an old man peering through the window, it was security. It was in the middle of the day though to be honest. We never did last long all or relationship was based on was sex.

Well I breast fed my first for 3 years almost and my second for just over 2 years.. my nipples ahve never been the same...and they look odd too lol they stick out all the time..

wow..i couldn't breast fed. cos i have big boob's and big nip's. *uck thay were so sore..

Yeah It can be sore at first :S my boobs were an e cup when I had my fist kid... I hadnt even one feeding her when i found out I was preggers again.. so they were tiny with my second.. no probs with feeding her... I do think it has made my nipples less sensetive to touch :(

i was a e cup to with my first then whent up to what i am now 38f..

:O omg they are some tits you have... mine are a C cup now and are a bit baggy shall we say :O lmao

thank's but i dont like them. no one talk's to my face just my boob's.. it get's on his tit's lol when we go out clubin.. if ther goin to talk to me then thay should talk to my face not my cheast.. i would love it if thay went down to a mid to low c or d cup...

you think thats bad mine are a 42 HH cup and my nipples are soooo sensitive... i can almost come through nipple play!!!