First post jiggle Balls

Hi all. I've been a member of LH for a few years now & have been a forum lurker for most of that time.
Anyway today I took delivery of my newest toy, jiggle balls. I ordered these ones simply because of the reviews

I couldn't wait to try them so ripped into my package & have had them in since lunch time. The reason for my post is to ask if anyone else has these? I have a few questions.
What is the best way to insert them?
Which lube do you use?
Can you feel them jiggling inside (I can't)
Do you feel them drop when standing/walking?
I've had 3 kids so my pelvic floor isn't like it used to be but I'm clenching like a mad woman & I still can't really feel them inside me apart from when they drop & I have to clench them back up! I was hoping to get turned on wearing these & a lot of the reviewers did. Am I doing something wrong? Are they maybe too heavy for me?

I don't have these exact balls but I'll answer your questions anyways in hope it helps (it's pretty much the same with all kegel balls so).

I insert them buy putting a bit of lube on myself and on the first ball, then I slip the first ball in, and then the second one. You need to be relaxed. I find it's pretty much like inserting a tampon

Use any type of water based lube

I have never felt those kinds of balls kiggle inside of me either (even though I can kind of feel them when running or jumping sometimes)

I don,t feel them drop when I am standing or walking. In fact I don,t even feel them at all. I think the reason for this is because I've never used kegels balls that are heavy enough for me (I'm in my 20's and have never had kids). Maybe these are too advanced for you. Have you tried something lighter ike this: or this: so you can then move up in weight to the one you are talking about right now

I don't feel turned on wearing kegal balls either. I guess it is different for everyone. I don,t think you're doing anything wrong.

But at the same time, kegel balls are supposed to tone your muscles so I guess it is normal they are a bit difficult to keep in? It all depends on how hard it is I guess. I can't really advice on that though

Hi there! I don't have those specific ones, but I do have some experience with jiggle balls so I'll answer best I can.

What is the best way to insert them/which lube do you use?

Slowly and one ball at a time. After the first ball, take a break if needed and adjust until it feels comfortable. I tend to lay down and relax before doing so. Water-based lubricant is what you'll need and coating the balls before use will definitely make insertion easier.

Can you feel them jiggling inside (I can't)?

I think this depends on the individual wearing them and the specific balls themselves. I have felt it subtly with some, not at all with others and a fair amount with my most recent pair. It also depends on the movement you're doing. I find they jiggle the most when walking up and down the stairs.

Do you feel them drop when standing/walking?

No, but I do clench around them when moving for the first few minutes so my body can adjust.

Am I doing something wrong?

No. I think it's possible that they are just too heavy for you at the moment. Judging by all the reviews I've read over the last year, women who've had children should start at the lower weights. This usually proves to be more successful. I'd get a pair around 40-50g to begin with. You might find they produce subtle stimulation and generate arousal once you find the right pair for you, but we are all different so I can't promise you that.

Totally agree with mamz.

You're not doing anything wrong, they're probably too heavy to start off with. You'll be able to build upto them in time though ☺

As said try a lighter set like the ones suggested above.
I really don't get turned on in the slightest with any of my kegals, but this set has the most 'jiggle' I've experienced and do make for a gentle, almost unnoticeable build-up. And they're really cheap in the 3 for £10. They've most definantley been the most pleasurable I've felt. They'll probably take working upto though judging on the information. Start light and work your way up. Welcome to the forums abd Have fun hunni 💖xx

Thanks for your replies. I'm going to order a lighter pair & go back to these ones later xx

Tell us what you think when you get to try out that new pair! :)

I recommend these (I love them):

You can use them with only one ball to start with and then use two lighter balls and at last the two heaviest. It gives great variation in your work out.

You can also feel them jiggle inside, which feels nice :)

Hi, also a newbie on the forums and also having similar issues with the jiggle balls.

Getting them in and staying in is no problem (started with beginner ones) I absolutely cannot feel them at all and no jiggling. Even when clenching I cannot feel them or when my muscles down there are totally relaxed.

I have ran up and down the stairs jumped up and down (all in the name of science, I assure you, not my normal activities) bending down, straightening up and nothing, not the slighest of a jiggle.

I've tried them a few times and the biggest problem I have having is nausea. After 40-50minutes of having them in I get a cramping feeling like mild period pain and start feeling a bit sick. I remove them and after 30 minutes or so feel normal again. Definitely no sensual feeling but I didnt buy them for that purpose, more of a muscle tightening purpose.

I think it maybe just a thing of getting used to them and building the time up slowly (hopefully) and I'm willing to persist and keep tring them if long term they work.

Mrs slocum, Can you link to the balls you are using?

mamz they are similar to the one slinky linked.

Have you ever felt like that using other toys? I would first suggest investing in balls that are all silicone (like these:, which are in the 2 for £20 offer meaning you can buy too sets) to see if it makes a difference.

I did look at those but I wasnt sure whether the loop part would be uncomfortable or perhaps it just looks that way in the photo. Is the loop part a soft material?

I'd certainly give them a go, i'll pop some on my next order

thank you

Hope it goes well for you mrs slocum 😄

I haven,'t tried them myself but the string is made out of silicone with is a flexible material. I have only tried one other set of balls with a silicone string which was way thicker than that. I could feel it from times to times but it wasn't really uncomfortable, so I think these should be fine. Anyways if you're not happy with them you cans end them back and try another set

thanks mamz, i shall add them to my next order

Hey Mrs Slocum, they're the only ones that have remotely done anything for me lol. There's a definite jiggle to mines. I wonder if yours are defective? Or its just different prefferances. Im like you I'm wanting to keep the pc muscles in check, they're not for anything sexual. So I'd go with a different material too as the sensations created may be some allergic reaction to the balls (i could be way off, I'm no doctor.) But definitely change material. Are you bothered about them having 'jiggle balls' hunni? If not I'd consider these. theyre silicone, more expensive, but youre getting 4 balls to play with, so lots of variety 😀 ive used them for ages and loved them for toning purposes. You can combine the various weights right from 40g, to 50g etc through to 90g, so there really is alot of variety 😄 Theyre £29:99 but the variety is great and you get a free bath oil too linked. They're a big step up in quality to the previous strong balls.

Also I don't notice them whilst they're doing there thing unless I clench. And going by the fact you've adapted to the weight (if memory serves me well,) sounds like you'll be good to 'size up'.

There's also this option a wee bit dearer £44:99 (and im seriously lusting after them! )😄 the sizes are 47g, 78g and 105g, once again they are silicone. They're beautifully presented and have three sizing options. Also linked, a free storage case worth £16.99, bonus 😄

Id Hope this can be of some help along with the other posters recommendations 💖xx

Ive just thought...doh! The cramping could be to do with the workout. Can't believe I never thought earlier, symptons in the brain atm lol. that's most likely what it'll be, the first time I tried them I'd worn then all day, then thought I'd overdone it because of some pain. All was well after that. The more you use them the more benefits you'll see, but always remove when your body tells you so. Sorry for the wrong info above on allergies. Hope all goes well, keep us posted hunni 💖xx

slinky they jiggle in my hand so they are not faulty and to be honest now you mention it, i'm not that fussed if they jiggle or not.

You're right, I think the cramping is to do with the workout, I'm going to keep trying them because the benefits will be worth it in the end. I think building the time up may help.

thank you

Pleasure Mrs slocum, Arh right. That's such ashame they're not jiggling as I said. I did have to rock back and forth to really get them jiggling, But you running upstairs definantley covers that.

Its defiantly the workout, you'll be able to tell yourself now its been suggested. At first my head ran away with it lol.

Anyway, the jiggling is irrelevant in this case. So yeah keep up the good work. You'll feel the rewards, hubbys always saying I'm going too far (without the details.) But I want heavier, want to be as toned as possible. Its really important to look after these things, they even help with bladder control. What a marvelous creation

And youve got the right idea. Enjoy the rewards.And no problem at all hunni💖xx