Guys in thongs

I like wearing men’s thongs and gstrings. I find them more comfy then boxer briefs and adds some fun wearing them through out day. My girlfriend likes them and thinks they are sexy.


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me and my bf on hols xx

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Wow beautiful x

I don’t think thongs are a commited one choice deal. Just part of the mix. I have a few boxers, a few briefs, a few thongs… ny preference is actually Brazilian back. Not big on thongs when it’s stinkin’ hot but have posted in the lingerie thread thongs in the snow.

Agree, there are lots of styles of underwear for men out there so they can wear various types at different times. My boyfriend does wear thongs and likes them most of the time but if he is playing sports or going to the gym then he will also wear shorts or briefs as these may be a bit more suitable.