How did you get here?

Hi guys and girls, i were just wondering, how did you get introduced to Lovehoney?

When I started going out with my boyfriend he showed me the site to order things for us, I've been hooked ever since and look at LH way more than he does x

That's so cool, it's amazing how quick you get hooked, right?

Me and my partner was looking for a vibrator to use on me.

This site come up on google and after having a look about we picked my first vibrator, after it arrived and we gave it a go, I was hooked! Collection has grown quite a lot since then lol. 😉

I was looking for an under-the-bed restraints system and a friend led me here. She praised the customer service, the quality of the items, how fast they shipped and everything. I bought that ages ago, I just joined the community though.

I bought my first toys from a particular high street store, loved them and wanted more! A little Google search later and I found Lovehoney was so much cheaper with soooo much more variety and got hooked :)

It's funny how so many people already have used the word hooked, just shows you how very addictive sex toys are lol.

I couldn't sleep one night and happened to see a LoveHoney Ad on the t.v. Thought I would check out the prices of rabbits since my had not long broke and got hooked on the forums :)

I was doing a search on sex toys, having been rather dissapointed with another adult toy site (mention no names) I do not intend on going else where, as LH is great

It seems like so long ago I signed up to the actual shopping bit of the site that I don't remember what prompted it. I know that I bought some really cheap vibratey toys, pretty much exclusively to use on me, but gave them to my partner as part of his birthday present that year. He was extremely happy and we've loved toys eversince.

I was searching sex toy sites and discovered this one, never been anywhere else since .

wildflower wrote:

I was searching sex toy sites and discovered this one, never been anywhere else since .

Me too lol x

Introduced by my better half years ago but i'm sure I come on here alot more than she does now ...

My OH introduced me to the site a few months ago in order to buy some toys and bondage gear... Now we are both members and use the site everyday for forums and purchases!

I was looking for my first rabbit about a year ago and found it on google.. I haven't been to Ann Summers since! Looooove Lovehoney ;) also I just started a blog reviewing sex toys and would love it if people checked it out :) I just reviewed the Jessica Rabbit G-spot Vibratoer I got from here!

Thanks xx

I was looking for a job with selling "adult items" and then I found this website and I love it. I dont use this site to sell things by the way, i only buy them for me and my OH!

I was browsing a local sex store's website, found a toy I liked and then decided to look for a review of said toy. I ended up on YouTube for a video review and next to it, in the suggested videos, was a review of The Happy Rabbit 2 Natural. Obviously I clicked the video because it caught my interest and the toy was so much better than the one I was initially looking at that I simply had to have it. I quickly discovered that the review was a part of Lovehoney's business and when I noticed that you can use PayPal and that they ship everywhere in the world.. I was hooked :)

We bought our first sex toys from Lovehoney, searching the net and their website popped up and the rest is history

I came on here to buy massage oil! I had no idea what an impact Lovehoney would have on my sex life. It's been amazing x

Ok, I'm not going to tell you what I was Googling, but I fell in love with this
and the rest, as they say, is history.