How many men sit to pee?

Men don’t sit!
as is apparent from my profile pic

Sitting on the dock of a bay :musical_note:

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Depends what mood I’m in :joy:

Only when I also need a number 2. Otherwise I always stand as my aim is good and always hit the target. :dart::blush:

Got to admit, if I get In From work and I’m done in I will sit to have a pee haha my back is knackered as it is and knees aren’t much better from my job! A little sit down wee never hurt anyone :grin:


I am both stand in the day but at night (old age ) if I need to go during the night I sit because of the noise I make so I don’t wake the kids up

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My husband will sit occasionally, he says;

“This method should only be used on rare occasions as a treat so that it doesn’t become common place nor taken for granted.”


So, how many women stand up to pee? :smirk::rofl:


I stand but am not opposed to sitting. I do sit when I go in the middle of the night though. I don’t want to turn lights on which will wake me more and don’t have to worry about aim when sitting

Hi hun hope you ok ? @Blonde_Bunny they say it helps the prostrate and eases when you sit to pee ! Not a doctor but I do pee lol

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I never sit for a pee. Peeing standing up (and thus being able to discreetly pee almost anywhere) is literally one of the best things about being a man.


Sit 90% of the time, caged or not. When caged, its not really an option to stand unless I want to risk a big mess, when not caged, I just get used to not having to concentrate on the act of peeing.

We had a sensor installed in our ensuite so a light would come on at night to help with night time aim, don’t bother using it anymore as its just easier to sit, no risk then.

I agree though with one of the posters, sitting with an erection is tricky, but then trying to aim pee from an erection is also tricky, 6 of one, 1/2 dozen the other

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Outdoors: definitely standing


Love the change of question @Blonde_Bunny, how many will admit to standing and where?

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Well I have occasionally pee’d standing but in a slight squat position.
You know when you’re in a really skanky toilet and don’t want your skin to touch the seat :rofl:


Woman who stand… have you tried one of those “shewee” things? :joy:

I think more men do sit down wees than you think, how else do you play on your phone and get a little more alone time! Ha plus weeing with an erection is easier seated :joy:


@JS90 Yep, nothing worse than waking up with morning glory and dying for a pee!! :open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth:


If hubby’s been in the bathroom for ages then I know he’s sitting and on the phone :rofl:.

I do squat if I have to use the public toilet, there’s no way I’m sitting down on them :rofl:


Every morning when I go for my first pee I always sit down because when I wake up I nearly always have an erection, and as I’m uncut my foreskin doesn’t always necessarily return completely forwards and can make a bit of a mess, Also I sit down when having my first pee after I’ve masturbated because it tends to spray or can double stream. The rest of the time I stand.