I think I'm done with bikini waxes

hahah yeah, I have my bikini area (Hollywood) and underarms done and I’m now tempted to get my arms legs done!!

Oh that’s interesting, I have the exact opposite at my laser place! They say not to shave at all as they want to see the hair growth and thickness so they know how the treatments are going, and then they shave if before the actual laaering starts. Though this was for face and armpits, so maybe bikini line is different?

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I’ve used electrolysis before and had great and permanent results. When I can, I’m going to have a bit more electolysis done. It makes a big difference time-wise to not have to mess about waxing or shaving or epilating.

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I really want to get rid of my hair forever. I have got out of a really awful relationship and want to do something for myself and make myself feel sexy and clean. I have read about some peoples experiences but do any of you regret getting your hair removed permanently as I am thinking of a Hollywood and everything else except from my neck up of course :joy:

I have not got rid of my hair forever and i’m pleased the wife has not either. Personally I prefer to see a little hair either landing strip or something like. I know of many others that are in favour of none. @Smoothiestrawberry

What did you do laser or electrolysis and what parts did you do it on why a landing strip? It is so strange talking about this with a man openly! Did your wife go for a Hollywood ?

@Smoothiestrawberry I went for electrolysis, and like you’re thinking, I cleared everything below the neck. I think the biggest difference for me is legs, but it was fairly painless and saves a load of hassle. To date, I don’t regret doing it.

I heard it takes a long time and is expensive but I have also heard it is more permanent than laser it that what you have found?

I had my armpits done 20 years ago, when I helped a friend out as a client for her college assessments. I can honestly say that in 20 years, I only had the odd stray hair. The rest are gone. I consider that to be a pretty good deal. So I decided to get the rest done. I had had enough of the monotony of dealing with body hair.

It is fairly pricey, but if you consider the costs in razers, time, wax treatments etc, it did (for me) financially work out cheaper in the long term.

Is it painful? Somewhat. I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t. But I like to be properly spanked and it is nowhere near as painful as that. It is a sort of niggly painful, but it soon wears off. I just thought about the end game.

It does take a fair number of treatments, but because I was having a whole body done, she was able to do bits from all over during each treatment, to make the most of the time allocated to each treatment. Others do it differently though.

I have had look at prices for my OH and for everything below the neck is about £2000-£2500.

I prefer to have no hair on my pubic area I have been like that ever since I got pubic hair. I have also just started shaving my armpits.

I don’t think I would go for electrolysis as I feel if I found a partner who liked me to have pubic hair I couldn’t if it was permanently removed.

I don’t think I could justify those sort of costs in one go. Saying that it would be great to not have wax every few weeks.