Keep getting logged out after 5 minutes

So annyoyed, I was trping a reply when to post it and i was logged out, I took my time in replying and i had to start all over again, Seems to happen at least three times now.

It appears to be a glich on the system at the moment . It has happened before  when the new securuty procedures were introduced.

A good tip is to start your thread and then press send and then go back into it for editing. It will give you a little more time before logging you out.

Me too. Every time I check a different tab today or don’t click on something for five minutes I get logged out. I assume it’s for security reasons

I've been experiencing this for the past few days and also found I was unable to log on at all on a couple of occasions.

At least its not me, good tip about the edit, but i'm now getting use to just copying what ive wrote incase i get logged out.

Me too very annoying

Same, I've had to do the picture based captchas again too rather than just ticking the box. Hopefully just a temporary glitch :)

@Leanne can you see this?

@Leanne can you see this one as well?

@Leanne can you see this one as well? (10 mins) written at 14:29

Lovehoney - Ben wrote:

@Leanne can you see this one as well?

Yes, I can 👀

@Leanne can you see this one as well? (10 mins) written at 14:29, posted at 14:39.

Sorry guys, i can't reproduce this, am I missing something?

Did 5, 7 and 10 minute gaps between posts with 0 activity.

I just checked and it's not happening so frequently on my laptop but is logging me out constantly when I use my phone or tablet.

I think the problem has just been fixed . I have kept logged in for some time now

I don't think its fixed still doing it, sometimes you stay logged in for longer other times its as short as 5 minutes.

First time that I have logged in today so can’t speak for today but it was happening to me a lot yesterday on my phone

Hey all,

To help with this may I ask that you take note of what device you are using and what browser (when/if it happens)? 

And if you can, let us know how long it kept you signed in for? That would be really beneficial.

Sorry, It's harder to fix something when it can't be replicated in our tech team.

Thank you all for raising this. 

iPad/Safari- think it was about 10 minutes and then I gout logged out.

3 minutes this time after I had to log out some time ago.

Standard PC