"Masculine" men enjoying anal and panties etc

If this is at all offensive I apologize, but as a 6’2 220 lbs bearded man I struggle with some of my desires feeling awkward because of my size and appearance.

I love anal play! I love wearing sexy panties! I love wearing my wife’s skirts! I would love to wear my wife’s lingerie and get absolutely railed! But I feel weird thinking of my larger body in lingerie…

Is that normal? Does anyone else share a similar issue?


OMG @Siamesecult

No no and NO…

I have a really tall masculine friend who wears all this…

We are all different shapes and sizes.
We can all wear whatever we like…why should height and size alter that?

No need for apologies and please…a larger body in lingerie??

Betcha look smoking hot.


I’d like to think I would lol. And thank you for the reply! I do have a nice jiggly butt so it might look nice in some lingerie :sweat_smile:


I personally love a “masculine” bloke. Beard, tattoos, big arms, long hair etc…always have and at my age now pretty sure this always will be the type of bloke I find attractive.

I love men in lingerie and the type of men I love in lingerie is the exact type of man I find attractive out of lingerie!


Don’t feel awkward @Siamesecult. Accept yourself, your interests and what turns you on :wink: If it makes you feel good, run with it. This is a personal thing, try not to judge yourself, it seems that you are perhaps struggling with a
pre-conceived idea that this isn’t ‘masculine’ behaviour? (Correct me if I’m wrong, I’m not a psychologist!).

I too struggle with some body issues, particularly how my huge pear-shaped bum looks in clothes. However, since I’ve discovered lingerie again, I am so much more positive about how I look. Dressing up in sexy clothes makes me feel FIERCE!

Personally, I would love it if my bearded, biker husband expressed an interest in trying on lingerie. I consider it kinky and hot :fire:


OK it’s my thing not really his but he is kind enough on occasions to indulged me.
Mr John is tall, dark skinned, bearded, hairy, tattooed and athletically built.
The sight of him in a lace thong is something else!


That makes a lot of sense! Thank you!


I kinda struggle with it. I’m working on it and this site and people like you help out a lot! Thank you


My wife loves the panties that I wear! I just haven’t tried the lingerie yet


There’s no such thing as weird. I have a real hatred of any kind of ‘kink shaming’ - if something turns you on, you enjoy it and it doesn’t affect anyone else in any way, shape or form then why should you worry about the views of others?

I’m 6,1" and consider myself ‘masculine’ but I’ve enjoyed anal play for years, had plenty of bi playful encounters through swinging and don’t worry about the views of anyone else. I don’t publicly declare my tastes or activities to friends and family - it’s none of their business what I (and the wife) get up to and enjoy in our private lives.

Crack on, enjoy what you love and embrace every new experience. You only live once and there’s no 2nd chance at life. Make the most of it. :wink:


I agree 100% @Rob36 :raised_hands:


I feel the same way, on the outside I’m 6’2, 200lbs with a beard, tattoos, work out a lot, straight with a wife and kids, then underneath my clothes I wear thongs/g-strings every day. Luckily my wife is alright with me wearing ‘feminine underwear’ but I felt almost ashamed to feel this way for a long time.

My wife knows that I like to wear female clothes just maybe not to the extent. Whenever it’s fancy dress/halloween I can hide behind that as an excuse to wear a skirt, wet look leggings, stockings etc.but I’d love to wear it more often. That’s the only thing I keep from her, which is silly because I know she’d be fine about it. For me one of the best nights of my life was when we wore matching thongs and thigh high boots in the bedroom :flushed:

I guess I feel like the male equivalent of a “tom-boy” if that makes sense


The tomboy comparison makes perfect sense lol and I feel the same way!

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It’s only material…no-ones hurting anyone.

And as to anal…it’s pleasureable to all sexes.

Try and drop the inhibitions… and like @Rob36 says…one life live it.



What you do in private is your business, wear what you like, get pleasure whatever way you like, if it’s hurting nobody else. The whole masculine bullshit thing really annoys me, we can be emotional, cry and wear feminine attire, don’t be ashamed, we’re a long tme dead.


Totally get the “being a masculine man” thing but enjoying those things, I told my FBF I was bisexual and she couldn’t believe it at first because she thought I was too manly to be interested in other men. Funnily enough she did say she more she thought about it the more she could see it. She once even thought I fancied her boyfriend when we was younger but thought she was mistaken but now knows that maybe she was right. She still tells me that even though I’ve told her about my bisexual past, my lingerie, my anal fun including pegging and my beauty regime she still doesnt see me as bisexual most of the time but occasionally when I’m with her apparently I give of the odd signal but I think that because I’m comfortable to be who I am with her.


Spot on ! @Rob36. I am a shadow of my former body building self . Being a biker and former fire and rescue person along with being a farm worker , logger , mechanic and machinist I was told I am a bit macho and rugged . You can see by my pictures I enjoy frilly panties , it makes me feel super sexy ( and horny ) . A silk top or teddy sliding across my nipples feels oh so good .
It is 100% normal for us not to announce to family , friends and people on the street that we enjoy a bit of cross dressing . Unlike a high percentage of vegans or woke people along with several other groups . Wear what makes you and your partner feel good !

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I think it’s totally normal to feel a mix of awkwardness and excitement when initially dabbling in conventionally feminine clothing.

Definitely don’t let this put you off. Over time you will gradually become more comfortable and confident, which in turn will enhance the experience.

In general I am loving how guys wearing skirts, heels & lingerie is gradually becoming more accepted in wider society and how people are slowly becoming more open minded.


I wear my wife’s skirts from time to time and we both love it. Haven’t made the jump to lingerie yet


That’s interesting, I’ve been wearing lingerie for a long time but recently made the jump to skirts and just ordered a couple of tops. I do it for one reason and one reason alone, it makes me feel good.