Movies for lockdown 3.0

Seems like such a genuine man in “real life” also. Not an arrogant w@nker like a lot of stars


A few good dramas we’ve watched lately -

Bombshell (based on the sexual harrasment at Fox News during Trump’s campaign)
On the Basis of Sex (story of Ruth Bader Ginsberg)

Another favourite of mine is Ip Man - the master of Bruce Lee, really entertaining martial arts movie.

Chernobyl if you want a binge watch, unmissable.

He’s lovely in any interview I’ve seen him in. Both he and my other favourite Jason Statham seem like really nice, genuine guys .
Certain loud mouthed or big headed stars can actually put me off watching a movie no matter how good the reviews.

@wildflower I know. I can’t watch Tom Cruise. Can’t stand him and don’t know why😂

I have only been able to tolerate him in a handful of films! @Scottishfunk


I think there’s a smugness about him that irritates.

I’d recommend 1917, as its a great cinematic film, Parasite for the idea - I can’t say too much as it would give the plot away :zipper_mouth_face:


@newbie_analyst watched the first one last night. Was decent enough thanks for the recommendation!

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Thanks @newbie_analyst. Watched Real Steel yesterday, not something I would have thought to watch but really enjoyed it, thanks. Good feel good watching :blush:

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Glad you enjoyed it. It is a feel good movie for sure. Surprised it hasn’t received more marketing, I follow the movie industry quite closely, but this slipped under the radar completely.


Some of my top picks.

Harry Brown
Gran Torino
Big Mouth (animated netflix series)
Paradise PD (netflix animated series)
Santa Clarita Diet, again netflix series

And because i have a child and watch a lot of kids films

Hotel Transylvania 1-3
The Nut Job 1 & 2 (definitely a kids film btw)

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I recently watched ‘Blame’ film from 2017, I thought it was about a teacher/student affair but it’s much more than that and left me absolutely shocked at the end! Defo worth a watch! All the music in it was unreleased music by small bands and each song fit the film so well!