@Diggerman_Baz So sorry for your loss. I know how harnessing it is to lose your furry friends. I’ve always been a cat person and currently have 2 Bengals; one brown spotted and one silver spotted. They are both indoor cats as I’ve lost soon many in the past and can’t bare the heartache anymore, but they have taken to being on a harness and love to go out for a walk around our garden, or over to the in-laws garden. They are very lively and are almost like dogs.

Unfortunately our little silver girl Dusty was diagnosed with FIP when only 5 months old at the time, which any vet will tell you is basically a death sentence and there is no cure. She was struggling to breathe and had fluid in her abdominal cavity and very lethargic. We were told she would only have a couple of weeks to live. Obviously we were devistated to find out, and we basically were preparing to at least give her a comforting and loving end of life care. However the wife and came across a support group on facebook which had dozens of people treating their cats for FIP with a new trial drug that was published only a couple of years ago so it’s not on the market yet, but the results showed a 90% cure rate. The way of getting hold of the stuff was a bit of a grey area but we managed and are most of the way through treatment now and she is doing so well! She has all her energy back and breathes normally now. It’s pretty expensive unfortunately and it consists of 3 months of daily injections, which isn’t fun… but she would be dead by now if we’d done nothing so I have no regrets.


What a lovely story, our last dog was diabetic, so i know how expensive it can be, plus the daily injections are no fun either.

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Sorry Baz, know the pain if losing a pet sadly. When I was with the parents we had a golden lab first then 2 golden retrievers one after the other. All beautiful dogs and completely different characters. Huskys are gorgeous dogs in my opinion.


Cats all the way. Had 2. Got two more.

Lost two.

Got two more.

Lost two. Still have two.

The bigger the better.

Had one to the vets and decided to buy him a new carry box. Got one to try and he broke out through the top and cracked all the lid of it open. Didn’t buy it. Vet was mortified as she had to extricate him from the broken box lid.

Can’t recommend pet insurance enough either.