Rate Christmas 2015 - sex wise :)

On a scale of 1-10, rate how much you have enjoyed Christmas this year Did Santa bring you any naughty gifts? Have you had to sneak around the house or keep the noise down in the boudoir due to family being round?

I'm new to Lovehoney and bought my beautiful wife tracey cox's orgasm gel and a babydoll. She looks amazing in it and I'm a very happy man.

9/10 for me!

A bit too early to judge yet as Christmas for us is the full 12 nights .For example we are going to a fancy dress party tonight and when we get back little Miss Santa will be serving a punishment detention for all the teasing that I know she will do at this party. She has already been warned!

But so far a 8.

So far a whopping 10! We snuck off yesterday for my real birthday treat. 2 hours and 4 orgasms later and we noticed we'd left the door wide open and I'd failed to keep quiet. Oops.x

0/10 for me, no naughty gifts and no sex. Both of us were unwell, too achey and tired :(

0/10 and single. No toys, gifts, lingerie ... im sulking coz of it too.. I need loving.

Sex wise I guess the answer would be N/A. No sexy times or naughty gifts were had, nor are any planned as far too busy with other things.

In general though 10/10 for good food, good company and an all round awesome time. The fucks I do not give about sex at Christmas! :p

Not with my partner at Christmas so no sexy times were had for me. We got each other a sexy present, he got me lingerie and I got him a sexy cop outfit. Only been worn once so far but I love him in it, sure we'll be having lots of fun in the New Year. Maybe a 5?


The guy I'm seeing was home but we skyped, and he surprised me with a gift! I did send him some photos of my new lingerie purchaes to make up for missing each other.

My mum made Christmas for me as she always buys me a piece of exclusive lingerei and this year it was a red satin & black lace burlesque corset with matching knickers......oh and a pair of stripper shoes that I fell over in when I tried them on, what a laugh!

This was my first Christmas without a partner since my relationship ended & I really enjoyed just relaxxing at home, making dinner & Skyping my friends ^_^ Merry Single Christmas!

So far 6/10? No sexy gifts from OH, we had a quickie on the sofa yesterday morning before heading over to my parents, and he wore his stripper outfit I got for him as a laugh. Maybe later we will have some more fun, who knows, not holding my breath though as we are both quite ill

Boogaloo wrote:

0/10 for me, no naughty gifts and no sex. Both of us were unwell, too achey and tired :(

Snap! Exactly the same..but very horny and still frustrated


I'm ill, we're in a tiny bedroom sandwiched between the in laws and OHs newly single, very emotional sister. OH did buy some fun new lubes to experiment with when we get home tho 😉

Christmas? What is that? Seriously though, we totally skipped it this year :(. Too busy, as awful as that sounds. Just moved to a different country, less than a month of having found our new house, work and other chores... so 2/10. No "real" gifts either, but I did treat us both to some naughty LH shopping...

We shall make up for it next year though as I (generally speaking) LOVE Christmas!

3/10 although we got eachother some kinky sexy things to use and wear. Not had chance to use them, as youngest Ill all day yesterday, so visit to doctors this morning, and visit to a and e this afternoon, but hopefully we will get chance soon.

4/10 we had sex Christmas Eve and I got her some sexy gifts we've yet to try out. Hoping to get lucky this evening at some point but not getting my hopes up.

New to this forum so Hello one and all

8/10 there is usually someone around in our house which cramps our style noise wise lol 12 yo Gd who lives with us grown up son and his gf who stays most nights. We negotiate nights where we can be alone, usually get one a week ( recent perk). This year had family and new baby Gd here for Xmas

So.......managed to get a night to our selves Christmas Eve-eve, so no holds barred 😉. Christmas Eve day still alone so made the most of it. Family gone 😢 But son and gf back lol. So back to TRYING to do it quietly. Lol. But we both have another week off and some new toys ordered. Happy days.

oh and happy new year to everyone, hope it's a sexy one 😉

0/10 poor us. 9/10 Christmas eve for us with our lovers premium massager and warming up Caramel flavour massage lubricant (Thank you lovehoney) but since Christmas eve I've been ill. 😢

Getting better though 😉

A 3/10 😔 For some reason, I just couldn't orgasm and my partner said it wasn't fair if he came but I didn't so our romantic evening got cut short 😔 10/10 for all the cuddles and kind words afterwards, though 😍

0/10, I'm on my lonesome

God we suck !!