Shaved chest or hairy chest?

Yep exactly this. I like hair on a man but if he didn’t have it then that would be fine too. The person behind the hair/no hair is more important.


My exs all were smooth, and I liked that. Then when I got with hubby he is really hairy with a hairy chest, and originally I wasn’t sure as I wasn’t used to it, but never said anything as it’s his body and I am with him for more than his chest! But now I have come to love his hairy chest.

I wouldn’t like a guy to pick apart my body and say he prefers something I either don’t like or couldn’t do, so I wouldn’t do so to them, I’d learn to love it if anything!


I’d be honest, although not in the “you’ll do” way that you’ve mentioned. As others have said it isn’t a deal breaker at all. I know my OH likes long hair on women - I don’t have super long hair. It’s normal in a relationship to be with somebody who doesn’t match all your likes or turn ons.

To answer the question, I’d be honest and say “yeah, I love hairy chests!” and I’d hope he’s mature enough to understand that.


I didn’t directly answer your question as I wouldn’t chose either of your two options. If I was with a guy who was smooth I’d appreciate other things about him (youd hope or I wouldn’t be attracted in the first place).
If he randomly asked if I prefer a hairy chest I’d be honest but insure I was polite. I would never expect anyone to change something like that for me.
As @For_Your_Eyes_Only_x said. My Husband also likes long hair on a woman. Mine was long when we met, within a year I had a pixie cut. He wasn’t shallow enough to run for the hills.


For me I prefer hairy chests (well hairy men in general) love running my fingers through it when lying together in bed. My previous partners have all been fairly hairy. My current partner isn’t very hairy at all, it’s definitely not a deal breaker for me, actually until reading this thread my OH not being hairy hasn’t really crossed my mind.


I don’t mind either really. It’s only hair, no big deal. My OH is currently smooth as that’s his preference.

Shaved for me