Tasted myself last night and even Swallowed 🤤

So after many times asking my wife is we could cum kiss, she agreed a few months back, but as I came in her mouth I lost my bottle and backed out to her disappointment. We had tried a few times since but always to the same result and she said she wouldn’t try again. I told her all the things I had in mind I wanted to do like eat cream pie and clean myself up off her chest and she said that’s fine if you’re actually going to go thru with it. So I decided the best thing for me to do was to actually finish myself off into my own mouth. Last night was the night I went thru with it as I was close to finishing quickly got into position and let the warm stuff flow, didn’t taste too bad the smell of a weird one but something I can get used too, now I’m excited to do it again, she told me to swallow it which I did. Feel like this was a massive win and giant step forward, anyone any other ways of how they like to taste themselves?


After having the urge for years I finally worked up the balls to tell my OH that I wanted to try it and one drunk weekend not to long ago, I bit the bullet and it went from her mouth to mine…

Must say it was much more bitter then expected, so I thought how do we adjust this… being a heavy drinker and smoker I knew this would be why… Having drank a litre of pineapple juice over the next 5 days and trying again…

It was much more pleasant and now I find, when I’m having me time I’ll have a little taste of my precum… haven’t worked up to having my whole load un assisted yet… But I’m sure it’s not far away :wink:


My ex used to give me a BJ, keep the cum in her mouth and then move straight up and kiss me and deposit it in my mouth as she did so. Or I would cum inside her and then she would sit over my face and let me lick her as the cum dripped out. I think it’s fun for straight men to get a (literal) taste of their own medecine and I was surprised at what a turn on it was.


Have been thinking about having a little taste but after it is out I loose any interest in trying it lol. Am interested what it is like if it is sour or bitter?

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@Toolman31 I was much the same, always wanted to try but always lost the urge…

Alcohol was my helper and as it was for a split second after I had ejaculated I was like nah, but the OH asked if I was still interested in trying, and I dunno something ticked and I thought, you know what she has been doing it for years and still comes back it can’t be that bad…

Low and behold it wasn’t… But as I said above was definitely more bitter tasting then I expected… Since I have shared a little taste here and there with her, but am yet to take a load unassisted…

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Yeah I didn’t mind it to be honest I thought it would actually be worse then it was, feel the whole stigma of what it is etc plays a massive role for not doing it sooner. Was quite a nice feeling in my mouth as I shot a full load in there! Definitely next plan is to clean myself up off her chest and from inside her then give her a nice big dirty kiss and share the love.

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Not a big fan of the bitter grapefruit flavour, imm more of a sour warhead kinda guy lol


It’s one of those things, you need to try for yourself to see how bad it is :sweat_smile:

I find the smell to be worse than the taste.

When hubby cum all over my face I found it to be worse than I had expected as I could just smell it all and it didn’t feel nice all over my face so I don’t fancy doing that again.

But we did the eating pineapple for a whole month and I let him cum in my mouth - that actually wasn’t as bad as I expected, taste was bitter still but not so bad.
I think it’s the texture that bothers me more and there’s nothing we can do about that.

What would you describe the smell like, it’s really weird - like when you walk into a swimming centre :rofl:


Can’t say I have smelt it??? Gives me another reason to give it a try off the OH next time I make a mess on her :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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@Mr_Mrs_GJT … Yeah the texture did nothing for me I just had to swallow asap, as I can’t do anything of that consistently… can’t eat bananas or jelly without gagging…

And don’t get me started on jelly shots after I have had a few… It’s a very loud and unattractive for a few minutes until I get it down… haha

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@Cupc8kes yeah I think I know what you mean with the smell, does seem a bit chemical or bleach kinda smell from my memory.

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OH encouraged me and I was hesitant, but she did it on the spur of the moment thing and my god it was very sexy! I don’t want it every time and actually prefer her feeding me precum, never stop her doing that, much tastier and in the moment! She says it would be hot to see me taste/swallow somebody else’s cum - prob a step too far, but I always say never say never!


Suppose you don’t get the full feel of it doing it on yourself, as to where they will have the full length in their mouth as we cum bet it feels strange it all shooting onto the back of your throat

@Mr_Mrs_GJT yeah… You’re not missing out on anything there :mask::rofl:

Haha I bet, my wife isn’t too keen onit in her mouth if being honest. Suppose tho it’s something I won’t know or find out about

There are two threads at least about this topic . I only recently ate my full load “right out of the tap” . Have licked my wife clean for years and cum kissed many times and even licked it off her tits . Have wanted to taste not just pre cum ( which tastes a little sweet ) but a fresh load . All my lady friends over the years licked and swallowed all my seed . I was surprised by my mellow flavor and zero smell . I might guess a fellows diet has much to do with flavor and smell .

Congratulations on the cum kiss taste :tongue:

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Finally had a taste test, amusingly I found it to taste a bit like uncooked pancake batter. Guess they call it baby batter for a reason lol


I love to taste myself. Now it’s something I do all the time. Had to get over the mindset of once you have finished don’t do it but yeah highly recommend


This is the best thing I’ve read today :rofl::rofl: