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Hey All,

Some :lh_heart_purple: Regular Testers up for grabs. :tada: Simply vote for an item to put yourself forward for consideration. Any questions or comments feel free to add them below.

:lh_heart_blue: If you accidentally put your name down, or change your mind about something, press Show Vote to go back and change your choices. Leave all the options blank apart from ‘I voted by accident’ if you want to withdraw yourself from consideration.

:lh_heart_purple: Regular | Deadline:
:green_heart: One Month

Some points to remember:

  • Make sure you have live reviews - You will not be picked otherwise.
  • Make sure your address is up to date - We can only send to what you have listed in your account.
  • Ensure you can review the item in the time frame required - If you think it is not possible please do not put your name forward. Also please make sure you can test the item selected.

For more detailed info check out the The Great Big Review and Testing Guide


I’ve never been this early before!

Love the Liberator stuff.

Just voted, would love to test the dual toy mount sounds amazing :crossed_fingers::heart_eyes:

I’ve been eyeing up a liberator throw for ages and now I spend more time in hotels it would be used a lot!

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Just voted @Lovehoney_Brenna these sound amazing!

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Voted :blush:

Just voted. X

Nice selection this time.
Mrs Bonzo and I were only just talking about a toy holder to spice things up.

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The toy mount aka the answer to many of my problems :heart_eyes::joy:

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Ooooh LOVE Liberator stuff :grinning:

Voted :grin:

Happy for either liberator item

We have the wedge kit and it’s become a firm favourite

Sadly I don’t have two cocks however

Think the liberator would come in handy knowing us!
Whilst not a same sex couple, I can see the We-Vibe Cock Rings being a very welcomed addition with the other couple we’re friendly with - both us Women will have a lot of fun controlling the others man.
Would love the opportunity to review and the timescales aren’t an issue

The wedge would be perfect for us and would certainly remove the need for extra cushions i our old age :joy:

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I would love to test out the toy mount :heart_eyes:

Ooh interesting stuff! Have voted! That liberator wedge with a mount sounds amazing…we have both wedges…but having one with the ability to mount some toys…awesome

Voted :crossed_fingers::grin:

Voted exciting times…m

Hi Brenna,
I’ve voted but noticed that they’re all priced in dollars so just making sure they’re available to us in the UK?