Thongs how old is too old

Hahaha…when I read the title…I instantly thought “at what point does a thong get too old and worn-out that a person needs new ones”…hahah :person_facepalming:

No age restriction. Enjoy them whenever or whatever or whoever you are or are with.


Go for it , bud :+1:

I changed my avatar to one of my G strings


O no age limit. If you think you look good then that’s all that’s needed.

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Yeps,no age limit.I’m closer to 70 than 60 and a full time thong/panty wearer.They feel good to wear,make me horny and make me happy.I shall still be wearing in my 80’s. :smiley:


Couldn’t agree more, never to old for pleasure, so wear what you please :wink: from a now well past my sell by date old 'un​:smiling_face:


I agree as well , there is no age limit on wearing thongs! I feel sexy wearing them and find them so comfortable that I wear them almost daily . Find them amazing on the girlfriend too!


I am 63 and wear a different type of G-string everyday. I still wear as I think I still have a nice arse. But mainly I wear as it makes me feel sexy plus the feel of balls nice wrapped plus the bear backside and the beautiful feel of the string against my anus makes it feel beautiful. Either when at work or out and at bed time it’s nice. So any age is right if you feel right.