Hi. Newbie here. I’m looking for a very quiet clitoral or rabbit vibrator. Something not too pricey but must be very quiet. Thanks :blush:


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Hi there and welcome to you @Susy125 enjoy the forum and toys when you buy 1 , you will get some great advice here on the forum :kissing_heart:

Hi and welcome @Susy125 I would hate to advice incorrectly so it would be better to wait for other replies. You need to think about length and girth. Personally if this is your first toy I would start off small.

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Hi, welcome to the forum.
The mantric bullet is onsale at the moment. Its rumbly and easily quiet enough that you cant hear it through my door.
Im in a shared house so can probubly recommend you quite a few quiet toys if you can be more specific about what your after and your budget


Hi and welcome @Susy125. @Green_Eyed_Girl makes a good recommendation with the Mantric bullet :+1:t2:

Aw that’s great. I’ll order that. I’m just experimenting with sex toys but finding them noisey!!! It’s more for foreplay I’m looking for. Solo and with my husband. Any recommendations would be fab. Thanks

How did you find the battery life on the mantric bullet as in how long it lasts when on? Some of the reviews are saying the battery time is bad?? Thanks

The desire bullet is a cracking option too. Not onsale at the moment but it does get reduced periodically.

A bullet is a fun toy to use on your partner too though, they’re very versatile, and the mantric is a nice one. (Pebbles are also a fun option for both of you thats quiet. The mantric one is good but not onsale right now)

Giving the forum a search for topics on quiet toys is a good option. The topic comes up pretty regularly.

The rocks off a spot rabbit is also onsale atm. Thats a nice rabbit (and quiet). The greedy girl rabbit also gets a alot of good mentions (but i dont own one so cant comment on the volume sadly)


Never had an issue with it myself. Let me see if i can find the destruction manual for it a sec.

@Susy125 no, sadly doesnt look like i kept the manual.
Ive had no issue with the battery life though. I can use it for 3 or 4 sessions at least before it runs out and Its easy enough to recharge if you want to top up the battery before you intend to use it.

Thanks :blush:

Fantastic. I’m going to go with the bullet. @Green_Eyed_Girl youve been a great help. What else do you use/ play with😺

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One of the reviews is listing the battery life as 50mins :woman_shrugging:

Be aware It can get warm when your using it. This is normal and safe. No ones ever complained about it causing problems on the forum that i can remember and its a very popular bullet here that alot of us recommend regularly. Ive never had an issue with mine

Er :sweat_smile: this is most of my collection

In general the mantric and desire ranges are cracking (also go onsale alot). The mantric real vibe is very popular.
Can vary from item to item so read the reviews, but i have 4 mantrics (wand, bullet, rabbit, pebble) and they are fab, rumbly, strong and quiet (the wand is less so, but its a wand so thats to be expected)
The desire bullet is my fave, but i have a small stash of them. The tango x is stupidly quiet but sadly expensive.

Theres a smattering of my reviews here. But i havent reviewed eveything i own


I have the desire bullet vibrator, and I LOVE it :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Very quiet, I used it almost daily while living with my inlaws in the next room :see_no_evil: :+1: :mute:


Oh you’ve got a fab collection of ‘bits”.
What lube would you recommend? Looked at the silk one, is that good? :smiley_cat:

Sliquid or YES lubes. No glycerin or parabens, good for sensitive skin. Dont taste weird.


Awesome! It’s nice to see all your bullet vibrators side by side, I’ve been looking at different bullets on the site (thinking about getting a second one) and was wondering how they compare in size to each other :ok_hand:

Oh wow :smile_cat: it must be very quiet. Loving your style :scream_cat:

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