ok so my old wand has ran out to its death so looking for a new one anyone got any recomendations i have seen the one with the e-stim on it has anyone tried it and if so whats it like

just buying one now for my playmate and thinking the same !

German sausage wrote:

just buying one now for my playmate and thinking the same !

awww you didnt have to buy me one lol

harry potter has got one lol

emo you want one ............ no problem !

German sausage wrote:

emo you want one ............ no problem !

i was kidding on but if you want to buy me one feel free sweetie my other one wont even turn on now :( that was my last toy lol

i would but dont know how to messege you or anything carnt see a girl unhappy lol

you could email me if you want just add @hotmail.co.uk to my name and you have me lol

Depends if you want POWER or something that builds up to a HUGE Buzz. I have heard a lot of great things about doxy:) I do not have one as yet, but am saving up. Hitachi is great, I do have one of those, LH would sell them if Hitachi was still making them, I do believe this is why the Doxy has come out.

I have personally done a lot of reasearch on various wands, asked around etc, LH own make wand has some very good reviews. If I was not wanting a doxy so much I would try one of them

I have the Lovehoney deluxe black magic wand and its mind blowing, I haven't tried any others (apart from the micro) to compare it to though!

are they that good ? i like to pleasure, more fun to give and these wands get good reviews !

i like a good buzz lol

lol, you sound more toy story than sex toy !

LOL look at you with the jokes a girl with no toy is no joke lol

thats your *REMOVED BY MODERATOR*  i bet miss buzz lol, was your mains powered ?????

yes it was german

Hey born there but not full german just the best bits ;-) wow mains powered and its dead, they rusbbish then or was it over used.

no miss buzz on twitter lol

lol a not on twitter and over used being kinky and being your only toy i killed it lol

get twitter get with it ! lol, wow good lass !!!!!