Wearing lingerie really turns me on!

Does anyone else here really get turned on wearing lingerie? I’ve started to wear g strings daily and when I’m really in the mood I’ll put on a full lingerie set. Does anyone else enjoy this or I’m I just weird?!!


@mj.han Firstly welcome to the forum. Your definitely not weird or alone in experiencing this.

Sexy lingerie adds intrigue and excitement, no matter who’s wearing it. Keep being you and enjoying the excitement.

I’m keen to get a full latex catsuit, feels so good!

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Hi and welcome.
If you do a quick search on here you’ll find at least one lengthy and interesting thread on this topic.

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Hi and welcome :hugs:

Hello, thanks!

Hiya @mj.han :wave::wave:

Welcome to the forum

A latex catsuit feels so amazing on…
Treat yourself.

As to lingerie… it looks great on everyone.



Hello and welcome @mj.han :slightly_smiling_face:

I think you may find a few people who share your interest here. :slightly_smiling_face:

@mj.han Welcome to the forum !

Latex does feel absolutely amazing go for it !

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Hi there It’s not my bag but it wouldn’t do if we were all the same enjoy whatever you like as long as no one gets hurt then make the most of it :+1:

Hi @mj.han welcome to the tribe!

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Hey welcome to the forum dude! Nah never weird at all, there’s many guy on here who enjoy the same experiences and I bet even a few could give you some saucy tips on things to try out :smiley:

I would love it if my husband discovered he enjoyed wearing lingerie… unlikely to happen though!


I’m occasionally partial to it :rofl:

Does anyone else on a forum for a sexual clothing website get really turned on wearing lingerie?

Does anyone at a pub enjoy drinking beer?


Try getting him some mens underwear in silk or satin to start with. You can then move on from there :grin:

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I absolutely love wearing lingerie it especially out I love also been seen wearing it a massive turn on wearing a padded bra and lace panties to the shop and especially woman noticed I’ve got it on and making it sometimes completely obvious I’ve got it on, that’s my turn on wearing it but should be enjoyable for both men and women and we should all feel sexy and love . wearing it it’s an amazing feeling and turn on wearing lingerie I played golf on my yesterday and was in stockings, suspenders and teddy it was amazing