Weirdest place you've had sex ?

When I was younger there was a bisexual chick that was in a lesbian relationship that’d come hang out with me a couple days when she decided she wanted human :eggplant: (don’t worry her girlfriend was ok with it…she knew I had no desire to steal her gf lol). And we’d often get hammered throughout the time we were hanging out. One night after hooking up a couple times and drinking we decided to walk around town. Ended up banging in the ditch in front of the sheriff’s department…while drunk. Don’t know how we didn’t get caught. We weren’t exactly quiet about it lol

We’ve just been on holiday and had sex between some rocks in the sea

We had sex inside a wardrobe once.

We were at a party and quite a few couples were kissing in the lounge. We found a seat and did likewise. Soon we were gagging for sex and went upstairs in search of a bed. Having found an unoccupied bedroom my husband suggested we get in this large wardrobe so that we would be disturbed. We had had quite a few drinks by then so I agreed.

Inside the wardrobe wasn’t too many clothes so it was easy to find a position that was comfortable. Doggy if I remember, with my thong pulled to one side.

Once to had finished we got out of the wardrobe to find another couple hard at it on the bed. The shock of us appearing stopped them in there tracks and the girl screamed. We apologised and made a fast getaway.
It was fun but has never been repeated. :joy:

After seeing Risky Business… I had a very short quicky on the Washington DC metro shortly after.