What are you currently doing?

best of luck with the boiler.

I just watched the first two episodes, not much different than The Walking Dead that I can tell…didn’t much care for that show either.


I haven’t started watching it, but I absolutely love the games! I’m waiting for the whole season to be released, as I don’t like waiting for weekly episodes, more of a binge watcher :joy:

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Drinking my morning coffee (probably my third) and updating the spicy socials, nothing too exciting today :joy:

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Yes, we’re watching it. Really good so far. OH played the games and enjoyed them. So far, having not played the games, I’m enjoying the series :+1:t2:.



Yeah the second episode of The Last of Us won me over, I really liked it!


I hope mum is ok after her fall, at her age she does not bounce like a younger person. Take care of yourself as well as mum. Virtual hugs sent your way.

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Applying for jobs

Sitting in van having a cuppa

Thank you @steve19, they have kept her in as she can’t put much weight on her knee, she didn’t get seen in A & E until 5.45 am, so 12 hours before seen, so very tired today, she also has lewy body dementia, so not really with it, hopefully lot better once she gets some sleep.

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I have heating and hot water again woo hoo! For now anyways…

Might need a new boiler vessel, or it might be leaking. Not entirely sure yet. Will have to wait a couple of days and see if it dies again, hopefully not :pray:t2:


After our weekend at Disneyland Paris, we’ve been looking at taking the kids to Florida (I’ve been before a few times growing up, so has our daughter) it’ll be hubby’s and the boys first time. It’s going to take some saving, but I’ll get us there. I’ve got some some fantastic and wonderful memories from going, and I would love to make some with my own little family.


Sitting here wishing I could go to sleep. I lost a friend a few days ago. Totally unexpected. She was more than just a friend. She was a mentor, a troublemaker (the best kind) and above all she believed in me when no one else did. I can’t believe she died just like that. No warning. Happily, I saw her only a couple of weeks ago. She was buzzing and busy as always.
So here I am wanting to sleep.


I’m so sorry to hear that @KinkyMira, sending lots of hugs :slightly_frowning_face::hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs:

@KinkyMira Sorry to hear that sad news for you. This is why we should act like today is our last day and try not to get too stressed about things.

Virtual Hugs to you.


So sorry for your loss.

Sorry to hear that @KinkyMira
It’s never nice when someone you know well dies unexpectedly

Watching Jamie and jimmy’s Friday night feast on catch up

Currently on our way to do the weekly shop with the youngest granddaughter in tow…
Car rule is whoever drives choses the music (if it can be called that…)

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I’m so sorry to hear about your sad loss @KinkyMira, sending lots of hugs