What are you currently doing?

Yeah that sucks doesn’t it,I’ve spent a few birthdays parked up in layby’s or motorway over the years.
Have a cold on tonight to make up for it :+1:
Oh and Happy Birthday :beers::beers::beers:

:crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers: for ya mon :+1::+1::+1:

Happy birthday! :slightly_smiling_face:

Just coming back from taking the youngest to nursery. Coming home back on the bus, hubby knowing this, starts to talk dirty, teasing me knowing I can’t talk back :zipper_mouth_face:

So now to eat my lunch in piece and watch last nights married at first sight.

Taking naughty photos to send to my fella


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Has it arrived lol

Yes thank you @AWB1955 and on time too!!!

what am I doing now? just surfing the forum and getting used to it

hope he appreciates them

The dekivery is always goid with lh hopecyourvkeeping well

Cuddled up to hubby on the sofa, and watching Emma Willis delivering babies.


Just bought a air fryer and thinking of where it’s actually going to go in the kitchen :thinking:

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What a week! Been crazy busy with work to the point I forget to have lunch. Finally a bit of me time so it’s Netflix and a few rums I think.

Happy Friday everyone!! x


Yep, it’s definitely been a week, need a couple beers tonight! Whatever you’re doing this weekend hope you all get a chance to chill


It gas also been a crazy week, back from a 10 day work trip to the US, so jet lag and horniness combined (it has been months since we have ad the house to ourselves to play)!
We are finally off for a couple of days, we have packed our Lovehoney toy bag into the car and hope to have some serious fun for the next few days!


Just getting up :blush: so it must be coffee time and having a chilled day today :blush:


Didn’t have the best night’s sleep, kept tossing and turning. Staying in bed though as it’s so cold, wish I had someone to keep me warm :disappointed:

Also checked on my lovehoney order and it’s ready for delivery this morning.


Sorry to hear that @David1986H :hugs:get up get up get up, you don’t want to miss the postie :blush: …it’s cold but it’s a beautiful day, get these wheels in motion mister :blush:


Sat at the dining table with a mug of fresh coffee and a bowl of muesli covered with natural yoghurt and organic honey