When did you last have sex?

I didn’t get my Saturday session since we were up at half 3 to get to the airport. But I was getting more hornier by the second, and having him talk dirty to me, telling me what he’s going to do didn’t help. But as soon as we got to our room, we definitely made up for it. And again Sunday morning :yum:


This evening :hot_face:
Our daily routine went rogue. I had my back to him reading my book in bed, he always gives me back scratches while he watches his shows at the same time.
It’s hot. No clothes. I like to tease him so I might have lay with my butt sticking out a bit :smirk: he couldn’t resist, gave it a good few slaps, had to read my sentence 7 times.
I try to remain coy, but he loves to play, so I keep that butt within his sights and he keeps up the massaging, scratching, slapping.
Well ya know how it goes. The next thing I know I’m having me nips sucked and played with, I’m playing with his assets in return. Book discarded, his show paused.
He orders me to work on myself with the wand while he gets the condom on. We start in missionary but move to standing edge of the bed missionary so he can continue using the wand on me. It was a craving I didn’t know I had until it was being fulfilled. Except he kept stopping to work the wand and it only felt :sparkles:perfect​:sparkles: when he was thrusting at the same time, hitting everything.
So I asked him to just slam and to hand me the wand and he obeyed, it wasn’t long after that I was climaxing and he looked like he was thoroughly enjoying the show, smiling and not letting up so it lasted longer. Then he kisses me and suggests standing doggy. He continues the nipple play during this and I’m just in constant bliss at this point.
Then he wants missionary again, where we spend ages making love, he had an impressive amount of stamina today, making up for the other day! Can’t say the same for me, all the right spots being loved to the point where I’m not sure if I was in some kind of tantric state or if I was riding some kind of constant wave of orgasm. Either way it was way too delightful for a Monday.


@steve19 it was intense. I was nervous but once we started my inhibitions disappeared and I relaxed and enjoyed it immensely. He’s already asked if he can take me out for valentines date night! Xxx


You must have a great relationship. Can hubby perform if he wants or is there some reason (medically, disability etc) he cannot or is it he just wants you to be happy. It sounds like a great situation for your enjoyment. I assume piv but was it once or did you manage more? Did you allow him to cum inside you? @Funcouple1980s

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@steve19 hubby can perform and we enjoy sex together, he just wants to fulfil fantasies and see me happy…which I was :blush: :wink: we had sex a few times throughout the course of the night, hubby graciously took the spare room while his friend slept with me. I sleep naked most of the time. We woke up early, 4/5am to have sex again before more sleep. He fucked me the best I’ve been fucked. The morning light in the bedroom waking us for a slow love making start to the day, lots of passion and kissing whilst hubby made us coffee :coffee: :heart_eyes: xxx


@steve19 yes he did cum inside me, just the once the following morning. He did ask if he could, I couldn’t refuse :blush: :wink: :kissing_heart: x


@Funcouple1980s you are living our fantasy but not sure Mr S would be able to handle it. We talk about this all the time while we make love


Kids stayed at a friends for a sleepover last night.
We had a great meal, ate and chatted in the garden, watched a brilliant movie then had a bath together.
I gave my wife an oily massage all down her shoulders, back and legs. She was very sleepified :slight_smile:
Finally I got to test out the Mantric wand with her.
I had so much fun just rubbing it round her thighs and getting closer and closer to her pussy.
Lots of very slow teasing. To my surprise, she just lay back and enjoyed it, all the way to a shaking orgasm!
She usually takes charge after a while. It made me so happy to just give her pleasure.
We had some yummy PIV playtime after and I finished on her sexy ass.
Happy Mondays :slight_smile: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :heart_eyes: :heart:


@Spice64 its all about communicating. I can’t tell you how long this was a fantasy before it became reality…nevertheless it’s still hot to discuss as you make love xxx


Last night it was amazing, safe to say we will probably be getting some funny looks from the neighbours :joy:


I got back from a skiing trip yesterday lunch time and when my wife got back from work we went to our bedroom and had a cuddle and then she went to the dressing room to get something and came back in to our room naked and we cuddled and so I then started sucking her nipples and kissing her all over and going down on her to then start making love in missionary then we went doggy style and she got one of her vibrators out and so I then pounded her from behind and came in her


I love your relationship, hubby is a great guy allowing you so much fun. His friend is also very lucky. They say spice is the key to life and I think you have found it. Good luck for Valentines night. Would you or friend involving hubby may be spit roast?

Yesterday Morning, woke up horny as hell. Started with a soft massage and rubbing on my wife and it turned into getting down and dirty. Love morning sex.


@steve19 i think I’d enjoy that most certainly, but that’s entirely up to hubby’s friend, I mean it is him I’m dating, possibly for valentines. Thanks though for the replies. Would love to keep you posted xxx

Lucky wife :blush: :wink: xxx

Morning sex is the absolute best xxx


This morning.

We had guests this weekend so we had to postpone our usual Sunday morning shaving, licking and rimming session until today but it was worth waiting for.

To set the mood I was wearing nipple clamps and chains which were linked to the choke chain connected to my cage. It’s a nice combination which tugs on my nipples when I’m moving around.

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More like lucky me as it had been two weeks since I think we last did it and she is soon having her implant out so mite start trying

Last night after my shower, wife said she wanted a quickie doggystyle using her bullet and for me to cum inside her
She didn’t take long and her cumming made me cum :sweat_drops::sweat_drops:


This morning

I was wearing nipple chains, a steel cock and balls ring and a penis plug with a glans ring so she blindfolded me and connected me up to the Electrastim. One connecting loop round the base of my penis and balls touching the steel ring and the other loop around my glans touching the penis plug. That way we got a really good electrical connection.

As I knelt beside her she slowly worked her way through the patterns and intensities then left it turned up full while she masturbated to multiple orgasms. All I could do was listen and moan and twitch.

When she was done she sent me downstairs to bring her breakfast but she used one of the cuffs from our handcuffs to strap the Electrastim unit to my wrist so that I could carry it with me and stay connected all the time.
I imagine that, now she’s found this tweak out, I’ll be wearing the Electrastim set a lot more than previously.

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