Where do you hide your collection??

Hey all, I hope this is posted in the right place (im new to the
forum).. I was just wondering if any of you have any clever ideas on
how to hide you're collection, my Sir and I have an extensive collection
(ever growing of course!) and with two small children and very nosey
in-laws I am terrified someone is going to uncover an anal hook or
St.Andrews Cross soon.. It is currently housed in a series of non
descript storage boxes under the bed but I feel under lock and key may
be best.. Its almost like we need a cupboard that no one knows opens?
Any help would be much appreciated..

Lol I feel your pain. I being a carpenter made a lovely wooden box to
house all our toys and clothes. I put the box under our bed and no
problems. Until my wee one decided he just had to show his gran the box
his daddy made and whipped it out. Now I have a big ugly padlock on it
and it's not the easiest thing to open when the mood strikes

It started off in a small bedside drawer, then the drawer and an overflow cardboard box under the bed, then the drawer and two boxes under the bed plus a small suitcase for lingerie, then the drawer plus three boxes under the bed plus the suitcase plus another two boxes for more lingerie. Now it's all that plus several stacks of vibrator boxes just piled up against the bedroom wall. I think I'm just going to have to turf the kids out of their room and repurpose it as a walk-in wardrobe used exclusively for LH purchases.So, yeah, if anyone has any suggestions that'd be great. ๐Ÿ™‚๐Ÿ‘

We use the Lovehoney lockable toy cases. Plus the purple satin bags.
They are then stored in a rather large box in the wardrobe. All the
lingerie goes onto a big drawer. I think i may need to build an
extension on the house soon with blacked out windows.

K&c30's wrote:We use the Lovehoney lockable toy cases. Plusthe purple satin bags.They are then stored in a rather large box in thewardrobe. All thelingerie goes onto a big drawer. I think i may need tobuild anextension on the house soon with blacked out windows. .........Hmm..an extension sounds like a good idea ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ Mine are in numerous wash bags inthe drawer of my bed. I keep saying I will have to sort something out
I like the bit about nosey inlaws, as it reminds me about the time when the OH parents came round the father was always being nosey O i like your tool box is that where you keep your dirty mags he was laughing at the time, talk about going red he opens it up and i had a brown paper bag Yep it had some dirt mags i quickly shut the toolbox not a good impression when you hardly know them. We have bedside draws for our kinky clothing and toys, and i have a nice xmas box under my desk that has me only stuff The only thing we cant hide is the liberator wedge and ramp, so we just say its for when we have bad backs as its nice to lay on to watch tv.

I have a plastic box with a lid that Iโ€™ve lined with fabric so you canโ€™t
see through it. Ive then drilled a hole through both ends and seal with
cable ties. 1) easy to cut open and reseal 2) easy to know if someone
has peaked. Learnt that lesson the hard way when my ex mother-in-law
decided to snoop while babysitting one night. It was extremely obvious
she had been going through drawers. I just laughed and told my ex
husband โ€˜well if she was wondering why you married me......now she knowsโ€™!

I keep mine a big under my bed. I don't really have a snoopy family so they're probably safe.

Most in a box in the bottom of the wardrobe. But the favourites are in a
bag that says "I solumnly swear I am up to no good" .. makes
me laugh ๐Ÿ˜‚

Thank you all for your suggestions haha I am clearly not alone! We
have an Emperor size bed so crawling under to retrieve boxes that have
been shoved 6ft away from you is never fun! and space is very limited
now.. Its all the bits that are used daily that run the highest risk of
being quickly chucked under a pillow and forgotten about.. i wonder if
its possible to make a mirror thats a secret box? so it opens like a
cupboard but just looks like a chunky mirror? It would be really handy
to have hanging toys such as floggers hanging up but I feel we may have
a few too many inturders to slap some hooks on the wall above the
bed..one day! haha

Our go to regularly things are in a drawer under the bed but everything
else is in a box with a key code in the wardrobe. It can be a pain
hurrying to put the code in if we want something specific from the box!

Spaces behind books on shelving units are quite handy for small things
and easily accessible in a hurry. Pick books that wont be of interest
for people you dont want to find your stash. Old briefcases are handy
too as they are often lockable and hidden out of the way when not in
use. You can also get fake books that are actually lockable storage
boxes. Another suggestion that i havent tried yet is hanging stuff from
hooks on the back of the headboard. After all who looks behind there?

These are all genious for smaller toys, now I just need to find a hidey place for the larger ones!

Beside drawers for small toys and under the bed for paddles, leather
gear etc.

We used to keep ours in discrete bags in a bedside drawer for easy
access. One night I opened the drawer and noticed they had all been
removed from the bags and neatly lined up. Briefly thought it was
cleaner being a bit nosey, then realised our 2 year old and her friend
had been left unattended during the day and had rearranged things for
us! God awful panic and sigh of relief they hadn't run into the living
room with one as the friends mum was in their with us. Now they are
firmly in a black plastic box with clip lid, on top shelf of the

We started with a bedside drawer, it then became a small suitcase, then
a large suitcase. We then bought one of those beds where you lift the
mattress up and can store things in there. Little ones wouldn't be able
to lift it and just looks like a normal bed so is very inconspicuous ๐Ÿ™ˆ

We have a tool box ๐Ÿ˜‚ it's just a big standard yellow and black tool box
with a lock. We hide it in plain sight (bedroom boiler cupboard) and our
nosey kids, inlaws etc have never bothered with it.

If this was a contest I think we could win it. We're into the whole
recycling/upcycling thing and so I went hunting for some kind vintage
case or box. And I found the ultimate: a low wide vintage socket set box
branded...wait for it....KING DICK. It has a nice vintage metal tag
saying exactly that smack in the middle of the top. It was a good thing
I was on my own when I spotted it as I laughed out loud long and hard.
It's lockable with a padlock (code oh-sixtynine of course) and I'm
making up an insert with cut-outs for our fav vibes and accessories.

A box decorated like a fancy antiquated book. Though it's easy for me,
my earthly possessions fit into four laundry bags

So far they are in a drawer under my bed but my ever growing collection
is going have to find a new home due to the nosy kids lol! I put clothes
on top so if someone did go in they wouldnโ€™t see straight away but I
really want something thatโ€™s easy to get into and is close to my bed
ready for when the mood strikes, I do have a suitcase Iโ€™m thinking of
using but then itโ€™s where do you put the suitcase? I think I just need a
bigger house with a spare room with a lock on it ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚