where you" naughty" before or after your current partner

Thought might get some interesting chat going.
The main question is did you take a leap of faith and try new things with your partner from the beginning, who already had an adventurous sexual nature.... Or did you both decide to up the anti and try out something new for both of you?

I like to think that I upped the ante and she raised me ;)

I tried to be "adventurous" with previous exes to no avail, sexiest it got was some crotchless underwear...
My husband, bless him, doesn't know when to look sometimes but he gives it a go and he's really rather good! I am getting him there ;)

I myself was causious about being too adventerous in my relationship.
Previous attempts had failed, and made things awkward so I decided to not bother so much, until one day she decided it was her turn to try and spice things up.
I think from that moment on we never had a normal sex life again ;)

I would never class it as naughty, but more explored happily. As poly I have a mix of partners, some have experimented in different areas to me which I have excplored a bit with them too afterwards, and the same goes the other way round. The fun away I always like to think is, that even if you have explored an area before, there's still new things about it you can venture into which is linked with it, which each experience whether it is with an experiences or unexperienced, will help give you a new insite to it.

I don't think any of my partners have experienced anything which would be classed as 'naughty' in the same way as I etc. If that makes sense - am rather tired. basically everything you try with someone is always gonna differ slightly.

After 15 years of marriage and a discussion on here, I took the plunge and told him what I would REALLY like to do in the bedroom. After the initial shock, he delightedly, grabbed the opportunity with both hands. Since then, it's been fantastic!

My ex wife was quite a reserved person when it came to the bedroom.

I had lots of fantasies( as im sure a lot of people have) and when i met my new partner, she was quite open with what she had done in the past ffm 3 times sex in unusual places etc.

now sex is absolutely fantastic we are both so honest with each other we try things that neither of us are offended with what the other suggests.I do know that she would do another ffm with me being involved and i dont mind that.

Well my first wife was was my first sex partener i thought it wa good but when i met the 1 i have have now i now better we have done some kinky stuff in the past we have had a great sex life. But medical conditions has changed some of the kinky stuff since we have gotten older but we have the memories anyway

Met my husband when I was quite young so never really had the chance to be naughty !

Thought time to post in my own thread ;)
Was quite adventurous in my youth up til 1 year into uni, met my ex then sex became a chore, and then down right unpleasurable for me( abusive ... Say no more)...
stuck with it for 20 years.Then got a chance to leave him 3 years ago... But kept true while still legally married.as soon as papers finally done... I have turned into a randy sod... Who is looking at all sorts of things as possible๐Ÿ˜‡
Have got my feet wet with a 6 ft 5 9 incher.... With all the trimmings... Did things I have not done before, or thought I would do....
Shame it was a 1 nighter... But now " naughty mum" has emerged!๐Ÿ˜
I think some of my early naughtiness is starting to emerge, and god help the next guy!

I had adventurous elements to previous relationships but the last 15 years have taken me to a place I had only fantasised over. In my life the willingness to be open with partners and try new things has come hand in hand with the internet proving I wasn't weird :-)

I have tried lots of new ' naughty' things with my oh that I hadn't or didn't want to try with anyone else x

Umm I explored with exs and had some toys etc but definitely more adventurous since meeting hubby x

I have an adventurous personality and a 'vanilla' sexuality. That's real vanilla, btw, not the cheap artificial stuff many people think of when they use the word. When I was in my 20s, most of the men I dated were older so they were of course more experienced. I was open to trying all sorts of things. I'm still open-minded, btw, but I have to be honest with myself, things like hitting or being hit are just never going to be part of my orientation, no matter how flavour of the month they are.

Nothing about sex is naughty for me, except maybe for something like a peephole or half cup bra worn outside the house to tease or a remote egg used that way. Even then, I don't really mean the word though I might use it for a partner or tongue-in-cheek. Not sure why anything would be naughty in the bedroom. There are things which are wrong of course, like cheating or non-concensual acts, but that's not what most people mean by the word.

In my thinking, if I wanted to sleep around or casually, that would be fine. If I was into anal or bondage or whatever, fine too. Maybe if I had more should/shouldn'ts in my thinking, I'd get a thrill from crossing those boundaries and the psychological excitement would be enough.

Sex was never enjoyable with my ex. It was always a chore and it was all about him and never about pleasuring me. In 2 years he gave me an orgasm once by accident! There was absolutely no kink or exploration at all. He never bothered with anything I suggested.

Things with my OH now are the complete opposite and the sex is amazing. We're both as kinky as each other. I'm glad that I'm trying all these new things with him.

I've always been adventurous.

I was only six when I started fantasising about being tied up. I'm still not really sure how normal or abnormal that is.

Before I met my current bf, sex was a chore for me, I always had a high sex drive and previous partners had never been bothered or knew what they were doing so it was a lot of work... Boy has that changed now!!
I have really come out of my shell now and started to do a lot of things I wouldn't have even known about before... And I am loving it!!! He defo brings out my naughty side :p

My husband was my first serious relationship. Sure I had played around in my younger years but had never taken things seriously. Sex was always plentiful, if vanilla. After moving in with my OH, things quietened down and I was looking for ways to make things interesting again - and thats when I found Lovehoney. Bought something on a whim and it went down well. But he was in the mindset of 'sex toys are filthy and just used by perverts' - so it took a while to get him used to the idea, and the fact that they are in actual fact, a normal part of most peoples sex lives. But I had never tried anything before... but i'd always wanted to. So I guess I was definitely more adventerous in theory, and now in practice, I am definitely the one in charge, and he seems to be happy to just sit back and enjoy the ride.

We were both adventurous from the off, both love trying new things and have always had a great sex life for the past 9 years. She is Very Naughty at times ;)

I seem to becoming naughtier by the day, ....maybe signing and getting you decree absolute is an aphrodisiac!!