Who else loves their chest?

I love my boobs, and I’ve always loved big boobs. As a transgender woman, I’m incredibly fortunate that after only 9 months of boob growth I’m a 34GG which is rare, and I love them - they are so fun to have. I love how they tent my clothes and bounce when I run down stairs even if they feel heavy. I love shopping for bras and having something to hold at random when I feeling like holding boobs.

Small, medium or large I think that boobs are amazing and sexy, so I’m so glad that I finally have great set of my own.


Total breast fan, unfortunately if I’m playing with the misses they get a bit sore after a while. Lucky for me she has a great but that can handle a petting till my arms hurt lol.
Misses likes my breast area after I have done a solid work out as they all puffy lol. I can’t lick my own nipples like she can though, not that is does anything for here though.


1.) @TRANSformation : Congrats on your journey and level of satisfaction! :smiley:
2.) I love my OH’s boobs, she’s a total goddess and I worship her at every opportunity.
One of many areas of “delight and intrigue” naturally (with the mind being first stop). :wink:


Most of the time I love mine. I love the attention they get me. Occasionally, I wish I could take them off because they get in the way, but not that often these days.


Congratulations on your journey!

Love is a strong word. For many years I hated mine. Too big, back pain, always harnessed in, nice lingerie never fit well, men never talking to my face…list of dislikes could go on and on.

Only the last few years have I grown to like them.


Glad you’re enjoying your boobs! @TRANSformation

My feelings on mine have varied over the years. When younger I disliked them because they attracted far too much unwanted attention. Nowadays they still do attract attention but I find that gives me a bit of a buzz! I’ve probably just got more confident in myself and with my ability to handle the attention better.

The biggest downside for me is having to spend vast amounts of money on decently supportive pretty bras to house them in!

I would add that nothing makes you appreciate your boobs more than having a breast cancer scare and then being given the all clear. This happened to me several years ago but the relief and joy I felt at being told my tests results were all clear gave me a new found appreciation for my boobs. They’ve served me well, fed three babies and given an awful lot of pleasure to me, even though they look a bit less than perky I still love them!


My Wife absolutely loves her boobs, she’s nearly 50 and they’re still firm, a nice big size and an amazing shape. She says they’re the best part of her body and loves showing them off, she loves wearing tight tops or showing a bit of cleavage.
She has 3 nighties the same with a sheer panel that holds them great and shows them off perfectly (I’m wearing one in one of my lingerie photos :wink: )
When we have sex she can’t keep her hands of them, I literally have to fight her to get a hand full of boobs myself! :grin: Seriously though boob play for her is a major part of a sex session, especially rope boob bondage!! XxX


Can’t get enough of boobs - all shapes and sizes.

I love my boobs - they’re my favourite part of me :stuck_out_tongue:

Yours sound amazing, I’d love a pair that size!!


I love both my, and my wife’s boobs. I just wish mine were bigger :joy: But having a 44 band and just starting to get them at my age has it’s disadvantages, but hey their still fun :slight_smile:


I’m starting to like mine. They aren’t as big or perky as I’d like but my OH practically worships them so that gives me a confidence boost. I didn’t really develop boobs until I was nearly 30! Not sure why. I lost quite a lot of weight and for some reason grew boobs! Went from a 38A to a 34D. Not complaining, just confused :woman_shrugging:


It sounds to me that it’s not so much that you grew boobs, but they didn’t get smaller with the rest of you as you lost weight. A 38A is almost the sister size of a 34D - the volume of your breasts are almost the same, it’s just that your band size is smaller. If you compare both bras the 38A cups should only look one cup size larger.

Assuming that one’s breasts don’t change size with weight, an increase or decrease in the band size will affect the letter. For example, I’m having liposuction on my torso soon, so while my breasts will remain be the same volume, going from a 34 to a 32 means I have to go from a GG to a H although the cups are the same size. That’s how sister sizing works. The size of the cups remain the same, but the letter it represents is affected by the band size. The bigger the band size the lower the letter and visa versa.


Good point @TRANSformation. They look significantly bigger than they were but probably just in proportion to the rest of my body!

Congratulations on your journey!
I am obsessed with my boobs… constantly touching them - its just feels so comforting :slightly_smiling_face: (totally understand why some men constantly hold their balls!)

My wife is a butt woman, so sometimes neglects to give my boobs the love and attention they deserve (and hates her own) but she’s getting better at caressing mine.


Feel the exact same was as you @KinkyMira , not thew most fun in the summertime when it’s hot but I do really love them! x


Congratulations @TRANSformation! Actually reading yours, I think I taken mine for granted :rofl: it has re-inspired my appreciation of the girls. My day job is always about hiding up, or boss saying that’s too low cut neckline. I am a busty woman in education :woman_facepalming: I never get to feel confident with them. And change lot of my wardrobe cause of it. Happy with my job, just hated the early days of daily checks from HR just a hint on show or too tight a top! :woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming: From now on, I am gonna be more comfortable with my own body with the baggy loose tops! And you’re right! I enjoyed doing a little hop down the stairs to tease my OH and feel good in a bounce​:v:

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I like mine - always have. I wish they were holding up better against gravity but what can one do? I do wear good bras. (I would have surgery but there are other things I’d prefer to do with my money). My free advice to those of you who are young, high, and firm - get a good bra and ALWAYS wear it unless you are sleeping or “playing” - even a bathing suit should be supportive. The tendons that hold them do not snap back.


I don’t even bother measuring mine - just small and perky, haha. I haven’t wore a proper bra in years and stick to sports bras or vests. I remember bra shopping being such a bloody hassle. No thanks.

I like mine as they don’t get in the way when I sleep or exercise.


I do love mine. Gravity is yet to really hit them. Only complaint is if I am at a nice weight then they get smaller. If I’m a little on the chubby side they look amazing. If only I could have both.


@Mrs.John My Wife is exactly the same and as I’m a boob man I prefer her on the chubby side. :kissing_heart:

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I love mine! As a teen I developed early, but didn’t get as big as I would have liked. I was absolutely floored by the changes that happed during and after pregnancy, as was my husband. I’ll never forget the day my milk came in with my first baby, I felt like a porn star!

@Mrs.John , I am the same way. Right now I am carrying a few extra pounds and they are fantastic. You’d never guess from looking that I was pregnant and/or breastfeeding for most of 10 years.