Fave TV Progs at the mo...!

I’ve been watching Devils on Sky. Highly recommend

FBoy Island on bbc. It’s as awful as it sounds :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

Have just finished Conversations with Friends. 12 episodes… cracked them out in 2 days :joy:

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Was Converstions with Friebds Any good…heard it was a bit slow…

I’ve just started watching Volume 3 of Love, Death and Robots

The Mini Zombie Apocolype episode made me wet my pants

I’ve definitely seen mixed reviews haha but I really enjoyed it. It’s an easy watch and easy to keep up with.

Woooo isnt it a little raunchy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Watched every episode of the recent SAS: Are you tough enough which I absolutely love. Now watching the series, Commando Britain’s Ocean warriors.

I love RuPauls Drag Race. I didnt know I could watch it on Netflix. I will check out the past seasons.


I’m catching up on UK’s drag race on iPlayer at the mo. Really looking forward to the ‘all winners’ version UK/US mix too.


Currently watching The Boys latest season…so far we’ve had a death by tiny superhero sounding and death by multiple dildo’s based on superheroes! :rofl:

That sounds good, I had not heard of The Boys until a few days ago!


I just finished binge watching The Handmaids Tale, that was really good. I started Stranger Things season 1 yesterday, tried a few years ago and couldn’t get into it. Its really good this time around.

Outlaws second series.

Created by and starred Stephen Merchant-Co writer of the office and an idiot abroad-It is a story of an average group of people who come together and face issues they would not normally have done.

Stars the brilliant actor Christopher Walken.


The Sandman on Netflix, spot on if you’ve read the original.
“The Sound of Her Wings” had me welling up.


I worked on the Sandman.