Penis extender advice please!

First time post on here about something like this so a bit nervous lol. I’m a wheelchair user whos manhood in smaller than average, I’ve been with my wife for 15 years and while sex has always been great its always been a struggle as we’re both a little bigger (something we’re trying to sort out). Anyway, sex has always been foreplay based but lately we’ve wanted to take it to the next level and recently having success in reserve cowgirl, we’d love to try a penis extender so I can really please her and try more positions. Has anyone got experience using one? Feedback from people in similar situations to me is more than welcome!


I’m relatively fit and able so can’t fully help however we used a penis sleeve previously (so it was a ribbed and bit wider but not extended) and she didn’t even notice it was there.

It felt fine on me, the ball loop held everything in place happily and was no slippage. Condom on under the sleeve was a bit awkward.

I did order another that does extend but so far it’s not had its turn as of yet.

The feeling for her is going to be quite different to your penis, how does she feel with dildos in general?

It’s safe to say she likes them! So I don’t think that will be an issue, we’ve talk about it quite a bit and think it’ll help fill that last missing link! Thanks for the help!

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Hi @Beardedknob,

I’m a part-time wheeler myself, and had loads of help and comments around all sorts on here, so wishing you a welcome to a wonderful community!

If you do a search on the forum you will find a load of articles and info around this:

I do not have direct experience of using one (yet, but that may change at some point - I am less than average size, and whilst OH is OK with that its something I might surprise her with sometime in the future as a bit of variety)
From what I remember on the posts I looked at, the LH range seem quite popular with the ball loop. I think they all have details in terms of external size along with canal size (what you go into), as an example:

There are some good threads around impairments where people have shared their experiences, they may also be worth a read through some point and see if anything relates:


@Beardedknob Welcome to the forums :wave:

As above there are a few topics relating to your query if you use the search function. Hopefully you will find something suitable.

Thank you for all the help and advice everyone! Definitely going to give it a try! Wish me lick! Hahaha!

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From my experience Every womans vagina is different in what size they can take and sensitivity ect for instance…I’m in the “adverage” bracket in size, some partners was fine, others it hurt them deep.

My fiancée however doesn’t hurt at all, in fact she loves it deep so I got the mega 2" extender from love honey.

She can take it but you really have to spend time on foreplay and using toys (including the sleeve) to build her upto the size.

Work it right and you’ll rock her world.

Buy a bathmate and grow yours bigger! I did a progression blog when I used mine, I grew .75” longer and .5” in girth

Here’s my blog, spans over a few months and details the very real pros and cons

Is that permanent gains though?

I bought the hydro7, I don’t really rate it, after 6 weeks of use I was filling the pump practically however I had to stop as started getting red spots…
Right back to original size, never gained permanent.

I’m going to try the hydromax7 with hand pump next.

Be good to see progress posts by other members too, tips and tricks.

It’s a fact that structures inside of a penis can get stretched and will probably expand with time, but no one knows how much of the result will be permanent as these are not really tested thoroughly. If I’d need to guess, pumps for that work very slowly, if at all, so I wouldn’t bother using them as a permanent solution. These tissues are just too flexible to not come back to their original shape after a little of flexing. I’d rather not check what’s going to happen if you tear them by mistake when trying to gain too much size.