What's your pubic hairstyle?

Why would he be concerned about getting funny looks from people that are looking at his bits? Tell him to give the funny looks back for looking at his bits!

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@JoCat @Iwill Both great points!

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:joy: im not sure, cum the end of March you could be sheared like a Spring lamb. Bouncing all over the place.

Fluffy better than fuzzy I suppose :joy::joy::joy:

Just checking. Was your Mum talking about your bits or hers? Because if it was her’s then there are some questions that definitely need asking.

Shaven as OH loves it clean shaven she loves to be able to lick my cum without hair being in the way


Used to shave, but had it lasered three years ago and have to say I love it. Looks better and a lot less hassle.

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I assume you’re making an attempt at a joke based on the non-specific pronouns possibly allowing you to interpret as “at some point the daughter may want to trim the mother” which is a pretty ridiculous way to interpret that statement and not worth making the joke (which did not land).

Otherwise, as a parent, I can comfortably say that our kids have asked us questions about our bodies as they’ve seen us in and around the bathroom frequently, and are also comfortable asking questions about their own bodies. And I have had no concerns addressing the existence or management of my own body hair. And when they grow their own, I shall have no compunction about answering those questions with candor either.

I’m shaven all the time I prefer it looks better in my opinion and my partner prefers it that way.

All off for me i personally cant stand being hairy or on a partner

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It was purely a comment/joke to point out that it could be read as the author trimming their mother. Not ridiculous just a way of reading what had been written. I’m sorry if that offended you but it was just a bad joke (my usual level) with no offence to anyone intended.

I am completely shaven in the whole boxer short area, front and back save for a small triangle about 2inches above the base of my shaft. I like it and SO doesn’t not like it, unless I have a rash