When did you last have sex?

This afternoon I was ordered upstairs and put on the fuxxing machine with the sleeve attachment.

She made me hold out for a long time while she used the bullet on her clitoris but she finally allowed me to come. It’s been a while so it was very intense.

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Yesterday afternoon.

I was seriously horny so put on my ‘fuck pants’. These are very snug , black wet look shorts. They enhance my erection and my wife loves the feel of them between her thighs. I walked into the living room where my wife was . She took one look and immediately stripped down to her little black panties. She was clearly horny as well.

There was lots of kissing, licking and sucking but eventually I couldn’t hold out any longer and we had the most phenomenal fuck.

We’ve now had sex every day since Friday and it’s highly likely we’ll be having sex a few more times this week.



2 AM this morning; wife had a stress wake-up and stroked me to full erection in my sleep and asked for sex. Went hard and fast until she came with her manual assistance, but I was unable to cum, which was fine. We’d already had our bedtime round just a few hours earlier.

This afternoon. Mr FYEO is on nights this week and I’ve been turned on the last couple of days. He woke up at 13:30 and I had to be out of the house for work at 14:00. We managed a rather delicious session of doggy before I pulled my leggings up and rushed off to work.


We had a great session on Saturday night for hours.
Bath, scented candles, music, chat … then my OH did naked belly dancing in our bedroom, which I have to say, is a turn on.
Had a piece of untried lingerie that she decided to wear;

OMG - she looked sooooo smoking hot! Added to this were LH black wet look stockings, and then we tested out a new toy, that is fun for foreplay;

We discovered that vibrating ring is pretty weak but actually really good fun to use on a penis!
Hours of playing and just enjoying how sexy my wife looked and felt in that bustier with a wet look crotchless thong. She really had a great time, and we just indulged her with our favourite LH wand for many orgasms and smiles.
Been married for 11 years with two kids, and on Sunday morning I felt like I had lost my cherry to a movie star!
Thanks Lovehoney :heart: :crazy_face: :heart_eyes: :star_struck: :pray: :fire: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :ok_hand:


Last night. Plenty of oral for him, more nipple biting for me :ok_hand: then finished off together in hard press

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3 days ago / Monday - nothing out of the blue or too adventurous but still a nice session.

Last night wearing one of the pairs of LH crotchless knickers i bought recently. Two hours of passion, dirty talk and orgasms…absolute bliss :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Love the sound of the outfit!!!

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Last night, after him teasing me with dirty talk, and showing me glimpses of him, he finally let me loose on him :yum: giving myself an orgasm while performing oral on him.
He then done my recent favourite bit of foreplay, biting my nipples.
We then finished in the hard press position.

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Had a quickie on the sofa earlier… doggy.


Last night. She still has the remains of a cold sore so kissing on the lips was out and I had to be more creative. Lot’s of stroking and kissing her boobs whilst spooning got her going.

Then rubbing her clit followed by, for the first time (in over 15 years together) sex in the spooning position which she loved and so did I. Alternated that with giving her oral and more rubbing her clit to make sure she was satisfied. Then back to spooning sex and I finished inside her.

Hoping for more fun over the weekend

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At least 14 years ago :joy:…but if DIY counts then it was Tuesday or Wednesday :blush:

About half 7 this morning. Noticing his morning wood, I started to give him a blowjob and he inserted his fingers for some anal play. We then moved into the sandwich, finishing deep.

About half an hour ago. Got back home from shopping, he took his t-shirt off so I started to run my tongue bar over him, he was getting turned on, so I perform oral on him. He then drags me to the bed, pulls my leggings down and we do standing doggie, and it didn’t take us long to finish.

This morning.

We’ve both been off colour this week so our sessions have not happened. This morning though we were both feeling better so I fitted my big plug and wore my choke chain linked to my cage along with a pair of nipple clamps.

Once she saw the plug she decided I was open enough to get pegged with the big dildo so she put the harness on and I removed the plug. I took the dildo in my mouth first then straddled her and took it in my ass in the cowgirl position. It’s so filling. The feeling is unbelievable.
Once I was completely wiped out I cleaned up and took the dildo in my mouth again. It’s really comforting to lie with my head on her chest and the tip of the dildo in my mouth.

When I’d recovered she had me kneeling alongside her with my hands cuffed behind my back and a blindfold on so that all I could do was to listen to the wonderful sounds she makes as she masturbates to orgasm with her wand.

A truly wonderful morning.