When did you last have sex?

This morning we had a quickie as we were getting ready for work. Very unexpected but very much appreciated.

Been a while as the wife is mega busy and falls asleep as soon as her head hits the pillow.
I am supportive of how busy she is, but doesn’t stop me getting horny as she undresses for bed. So beautiful

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For the last 3 nights, as OH away now on business until Saturday morning x
Now all I can do is masturbate


I can sympathise @Hornywife1 because last time we made love was a fortnight ago and now Mrs W is away for a few more days, the only female company I have is Mrs Hand …

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Thank god for lovehoney :smiley::pray:t2:

This morning.

Hog tied, nipples clamped and put on the fuxxing machine with my penis in the Fleshlight sleeve and my wife at the controls.

She kept me on edge for around 30 minutes then turned it up to make me come.

Yesterday, 1st session PIV, 2nd session a nice bonus anal cum shot for the wife and me :smiling_imp:

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Sunday morning licked her until close to orgasim then fucked her hard until close to orgasim

This morning just after 4.
He sneezes and wakes me up :joy: he says to me ‘well since you’re awake’
He uses his fingers on me and brings me to orgasm. We then move to missionary, with plenty of passionate kissing. He then takes me in sidewind her, where he really goes at it, hitting all the right places bring me to orgasm. Before we finished off, he had me in head down with my ass in the air. Then finally hard press to finish :hot_face:
Definitely set me up for the day :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Last night.

Sat behind her and cuddled her while she masturbated to her nightly ‘go to sleep’ orgasm.
She always comes harder when I’m cuddling her.
We both fell asleep with her lying between my legs.

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lol…more like when did we last not have sex…on a twelve day streak…and will definitely be adding to that number tonight…


At 17:45 when he arrives home. I will greet him at the door naked and then once inside I will undress him and lead him to our walk in shower. There I will wash him and he will wash me.

A lot of kissing followed by oral and we will make love either in the shower or on the bed.

It’s going to be a great start to the weekend. :tada::tada::sunglasses::sunglasses:


Stay in the shower… Have fun !!!

Whatd wrong on the stairs why wait till u get him in the shower

fuck it … good point.


Not the stairs lol love it when he gets me on there

Yesterday evening. Wife always gets super horny when I shave my balls. I had a nice hot shower after a workout, in which I did my twice weekly shave. She was waiting for me and started with such an amazing BJ, and sucking my balls. She was so horny and wanted PIV, and unfortunately I was so horny I blew my load pretty fast. She wasn’t finished and pushed my head down for me to go down on her. She came multiple times, just completely soaking my face.


My god @Love_Stud_Too he is such a lucky man. Have fun and enjoy the whole weekend

About 20 mins ago
Had a shower after work, laid on the bed afterwards and fell asleep
Then to have my wife wake me up playing with me and then getting on top of me :sweat_drops:


Last night, one very horny wife wanted a quickie - lasted longer though with a nice mouthful for her again to finish off…:slight_smile: