When did you last have sex?

Mate at least youm gonna be getting some,even if it’s next year it’ll be before me…

@pootle i know I’ll be getting some and it better not be as long as next year away I’m telling you now :joy:
I hope things change for you and your able to get a bit yourself soon :ok_hand:

Been listening… Just be careful not to undo where you have come from… Nothing is worth that !!


About 15 mins ago. Been pretty frustrated as we hit a dry spell I couldn’t seem to overcome. Just cashed it in with some of the most passionate sex I can remember in recent memory.


@Davey123 @steve19 @SteelA1 @pootle

Thanks all.

There have been a few red flags that I was trying to look past and this has actually helped.

Was easy to jump at the first man who paid me some attention.

I have no doubt that the lack of contact was down to other factors but know that I deserve more.


Two nights ago. We had a new toy to use so we started using that before some missionary. Nice and sensual with lots of dirty talk. Loved it :heart_eyes:


@The_Little_Ladybird you definitely deserve more. Hope you’re ok :kissing_heart:

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Last night I had sex with my best friends boyfriend (she watched- they’re trying open relationship and wanted someone they can Trust) she’d told me he was good in bed but wow it was great. (Em)

Joe has been too busy with work to get any action this week


@SteelA1 Im good.

When do you move to Wales? :upside_down_face::laughing:

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@The_Little_Ladybird I’m packing my stuff into the car as we speak :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Almost this morning, the OH had been playing with her wand after waking up super horny.

She was certainly in the zone, and after watching her getting more excited, she declared she needed me inside her. I had just entered her when she came and that was it.

I am not disappointed it had been a tough week at work last week, it is the release that she needed.

She alluded to another session this evening and to tease me all day, she has told me she is going commando under her summer dress as we go out for the day.

Happy summer days indeed.


Has Joe ever had the pleasure of going down on you after you’ve been with another guy?

Not yet but definitely want to try it :smiling_imp:

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That would be incredibly hot.

we have had sex pretty soon after, he likes to see how wet I am from the experience


That’s something I’d really like to try.

This morning… Bedroom was buzzing so I went in and we both did solo top and tail on bed. I did reach over with a cheeky finger. She had a big orgasm… Then another with more toys… Then another with a very strong vibrating cock ring buzzing on her clit… Then another doggy with her wand… Then she wanked me off. Id been edging all morning and been to that edge too many times so she couldnt get me over… I did it myself whilst she played with my balls. Held her fingers with mine hard against the bit between balls and bum hole. Orgasm wasnt big but felt good and whilst mopping up it was still spurting out… I still want to convince her to train her bum to take a toy… Maybe one day she will ask for my cock in it.


You never know, things can happen very unexpectedly. :partying_face:

What a great relationship and you were a very lucky lady. What a great friend as well.

Remember @SteelA1 /@The_Little_Ladybird they talk funny (or some do ) in Wales. Bu there again who said anything about talking.