When did you last have sex?

That sounds lovely :heart_eyes:

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Last night. After a day edging myself whilst my OH was at work I asked for a release. Not my best performance and not a lot of foreplay and certainly not a marathon session but a very intense orgasm! My OH didn’t come though and I felt bad about that so will ensure our weekend antics are all about her.

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Last night, about midnight. Nice long dose of anal, then Vicki licked me out for a bit. Lovely relaxing way to end a comparatively stressful day.


This morning, woke up with the horn after a dream related to posting ideas in the literotica thread for the amusement of @Cupc8kes, @Mrs_Y, @wildflower, @Mrs.John et al. Reached over to Mrs.NN and guided her hand to my arousal. A good quickie that warmed me up nicely for the cold muddy dog walk that followed.


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Last night. Gave my husband the biggest BJ he’s had in a while, then he bent me over in the shower. Finished up with anal in the bedroom. I’ve been told it’s all about me tonight, and with the arrival of a couple of new toys (LH of course!) I can’t wait!