Prostate "Super Orgasm" for Men

I am a man (me and my female partner both use this account on the Lovehoney Forum) and after doing lots of research over the past few months and trying out a few different anal sex toys, I finally ordered myself an Njoy Pure Wand from Lovehoney with the goal of achieving the prostate “Super Orgasm” which by that point I hadn’t been able to do.

From what I have researched, there are two types of prostate orgasms:

  1. a “Wet Orgasm” which is much easier to give yourself and it is when you basically push hard and fast on your prostate until you have something similar to a penis orgasm which lasts for 5-10 seconds (the same as a normal penis orgasm) and involves you squirting, but it isn’t cum, instead it is a mixture of pre-cum and (possibly) urine

  2. a “Super Orgasm” which is much harder to give yourself and it is when you make sure that when you get the urge to do a “Wet Orgasm” that you stop yourself from doing that (by going slower and softer, not letting yourself squirt) and then when it finally happens the orgasm literally lasts non-stop for minutes, you don’t ejaculate and you feel that the orgasm spreads across your entire body (which is much closer to the female orgasm)

After 3 attempts with the Njoy Pure Wand and several “Wet Orgasms” I finally had my first “Super Orgasm” and it was honestly the most surreal and amazing experience that honestly was a non-stop, non-ejaculatory orgasm for almost 5 minutes (my partner was watching me and she was literally in shock at what she was watching). I have since been able to give myself a “Super Orgasm” each time the last few times using the Njoy (which is definitely down to stopping myself having the “Wet Orgasm”) and each time it really is the most amazing experience and afterwards I feel so relaxed.

I wanted to ask if any other men have had this experience (I would be really curious to know if you have the same technique or experience as me)? Also, I wanted to know if any other men have been trying to have a “Super Orgasm” but have found themselves not able to give themselves one? Also, I’d be happy to answer any questions that anyone might have about prostate orgasms (from men or women) as I really would love to spread the word about this amazing discovery! :slight_smile:


I’m a trans woman, so still have a prostate. I can give myself an orgasm which lasts as long as I keep up the stimulation, or pass out. Been doing it for many years.

ETA. there have been quite a few men on here who report being able to do the same.


Ahh amazing! :slight_smile: Hahaha it does feel like the only thing stopping your from carrying on is passing out from the feeling! What toys do you use? Do you have any tips from your years of experience? :slight_smile:

Sounds most impressive. I’m not sure if have given myself this type of orgasm before or any for that matter but one can dream lol

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Any toy with which I can massage my prostate, using a long stroke which passes back and forth over the prostate, and gives friction to the anal sphincter.

ETA toys with repeated bumps like a beaded dildo, or I also us a “G” spot vibe, which has a bump end to it.


It’s definitely worth looking into! It does take a lot of practice (as it’s literally like learning a whole new way to make yourself orgasm) but it’s definitely worth putting in the time! :slight_smile:

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Ahh amazing! I found at the start I was putting the toys too far inside me, when actually now all I do is put in the head of the Njoy and not go any deeper than that (literally as few inches inside as possible) and that seems to be where the prostate is!

Definitely, it does seem to be better when the toy is curved a little bit!


Haven’t got there yet but I intend to practice a lot more.

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So is this like edging for ages the just letting go? Interested to hear more

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Practice makes perfect! :slight_smile:

Kind of… but no! Basically, imagine you’re stimulating your prostate with your sex toy (whichever one you’re using) at 20% intensity at the start, then you keep building up to 40% and 60% and more, BUT the key is to make sure when you feel you’re getting closer to the “wet orgasm” (which feels like needing to pee) you pull back, so go from 60% (where if you carried on you’d do the “wet orgasm”) back to 40% again until you get past that feeling! What I then do is start building up the intensity again and sometimes it takes only getting around a “wet orgasm” once, sometimes twice, but when the prostate “super orgasm” strikes you can literally go 100% intensity for minutes, with the orgasm literally going on throughout your entire body for minutes and without even feeling the need to ejaculate/“wet orgasm”!

Have you tried it before? It’s hard to explain haha but I’ve done my best! :slight_smile:


Been there only a few times and yes was very intense, but didn’t go for that long unfortunately. I found a glass toy with a small bend to it and a knob on the end worked really well. I do find it a lot of work to get there, lot of pre butt plugging, douching and washing before you can even start at it. I usually play in the shower just in case of any mess as you really don’t want to stop when your getting near and everything clamps up hard. So it doesn’t make it a great spectator sport for the misses (who is totally not into that level of anal play).

I would love to find an easier way to get there, tried a few vibrating or rotating butt plugs but just not the right design for me, need to find one that goes back and forth over the P spot automatically.


Ahh that’s great! Just out of curiosity, how long did it last for you? I am exactly the same, that’s why I love the Njoy Pure Wand as it’s exactly that shape! It definitely does seem to take a long time to reach that point, for me it can be over an hour of build up before it happens! That’s funny haha why do you think she doesn’t enjoy watching you do it? I can definitely recommend the Njoy Pure Wand, it is a bit of an investment but unless you go down the route of the Aneros it really is the best that you could get and would last a lifetime!

Sounds amazing! How long stimulating the prostate, did it take you to get to the point of orgasm?

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Aneros toys are awesome for multiple male orgasms (mmo).


Never tried anything like that not even a finger … but sounds interesting

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My P orgasm would have only been a 10 second one with maybe 2min of exhausted laying there after. Nah she not into the butt play at all and has made it clear a few times, even the sight of some butt toys kills the mood for her. Just how it is for me.

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Hey @UKlovingcouple : I have the Njoy but never reached that point. Do you have any tips?
what’s your best position, lying on your back / side switching it around?
which way up do you use the wand , smaller ball curved up or down?
How fast do you go during build up?
How do you keep going so long? the wand is heavy!
Any recommendations welcome


Honestly, it takes at least 45 minutes (normally over an hour) of slowly massaging the prostate (and making sure to not have a wet orgasm) before I have a “super orgasm” so you really do have to put in the time, but it’s 100% worth it for the end result!

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Honestly I was the same until a few months ago, I’d never done any anal related stuff, but after reading up so much about the prostate orgasm and how amazing it was I was curious to give it a go and after putting in quite a few months of attempts (a lot of the earlier ones did not lead to anything) I can say that it’s worth the time and effort to get there!