PotW: The Massive One

It’s time for another update of the Massive One, but this time I thought I’d make it its very own topic so it’s a bit easier to find. :slight_smile:

So, everybody get your stretches in now because this is going to be gruelling…

Take up your starting position and… Ready… Set… Go! Go! Go!

HeavyweightBackwards CowgirlCrossed LoversLove SeatThe WaterfallClose EncounterThe DancerThe KnotDownward DoggyT-junctionThe ThroneMissionaryThe WheelbarrowThe GrindLazy LoversReverse CowgirlThe Can-CanLock 'n' RockJigsaw V1Jigsaw V2The PillarThe Mermaid V1The Mermaid V2Head Over HeelsTip to ToeSpace HopperThe HammockThe CorkscrewHot SeatVoyeur's DelightSexy YogaRaunchy RiderThe Cover-UpimageThe Leg LiftThe JockeyUp Against ItTight SqueezeThe Right AngleThe Table TopArmadillo StyleThe Babe BendoverDoggie and the ButterflyOpen SesameHorsing AroundLazy Leg-OverThe SandwichStand and DeliverThe VoyeurThigh MasterStanding DoggyLusty LeanSexy SpoonHooked on YouThe StarfishDial L for LoveRolling in the DeepThe GoddessThe Love HugRaise of GloryHard PressThe Cuddle HuddleThe Multi-TaskerThe Right TangleSunday MorningThe Sleigh RideThe KiteFlip ReverseAccess All AreasWrapped in You V1Wrapped in YouTipping PointTipping PointHorse and CarriageFroggy StyleSwings and RoundaboutsSide SaddleHead FirstSide HustleCheek to CheekBridge to the HeavensFirst Past the PostOver the TopBottoms UpBack in the SaddleSidewind HerGrip it GoodGrip it GoodLift OffDeep G Diving V1Deep G DivingDinner DateAim to PleasePark and RidePark and RideClitar HeroKinky CrossroadsPleasure SlideJoy RideJoy RideLiberated LoverLiberated LoverSitting PrettyTake a SeatThe Close-UpStairway to HeavenThe SpiderThe PretzelSky HighStand to AttentionHeavenly RaiseChairway to HeavenChairway to HeavenThe Thigh's the LimitRaise the RoofThe ElevatorThe ElevatorBest Seat in the HouseHot SquatThings That Go Bump in the NightHold on TightTake a KneeOn Your MarksThe Good SideTingle All The WayRise and ShineMighty KneelWild ThingA Leg UpThe BanquetOver the RainbowFlying HighZenMirror MirrorQueenDouble DutyAirplaneYogiSofa SurferThe Deep DiveX Hits the SpotThe Pelvic PikeBear HugThe Pleasure TrainNose DiveYin and YangHeart to HeartThe Love ChairSaddle UpSunday BrunchSpace Hopper #2IntersexionKanga-ooh!Mount JoyRub-a-DubLet's Talk About...ConcertinaStandoffThe Love TugThe HandshakeGrind and ReclineThe EmbraceSexy SquatFace OffClick and ConnectRubdownChairleadersJust PeachyHitch a RideThe ArachnidHocus PocusTrick or(al) TreatFirework NightAbracadabraLooking GlassThe Bargain HunterThe Stocking StufferPigs in BlanketsSanta BabyOne Horse Open SleighPop the CorkAll Hung UpLeap FrogThe Great ReclineStrummerThe Door JammerAll Hands on DeckFacetimingOpen DoorsTub SnugThe Ben DoverKnees UpTickled PinkHump DayWaterfall WonderBackstage PassAphroditeSquat n RockWord of MouthCome TogetherThe Butterfly EffectPleasure PlungeFloat My BoatOpen HouseCuddle UpCarnal CrossingThe Full MontyLove TrainCrossed LoversSitting PrettyShowcase


Nice work @Ian_Chimp - that is alot of work and thanks for putting them all in one place! Great job

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WOW !!!

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Great work @Ian_Chimp :ok_hand:
So many great positions to choose from :crazy_face:

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This is fantastic and cant wait to get more positions tried with my oh, wow some look so amazing.

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Do we have to try them all in one session? Maybe 20 years ago!

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I mean, you don’t have to try them all in one go, but I’ve got a cookie for anyone stupid confident enough to try… :cookie: :slightly_smiling_face:

:warning: Disclaimer: All attempts are made at own risk :slightly_smiling_face:


You can keep your cookie…. I think I’d need a defibrillator :joy:

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Wow, I mean - even if you only held each position for 1 minute, that’s still almost (or over?) 3 hours, not to mention time for transition. And consideration that the most acrobatic positions aren’t very forgiving if you have any, ahem, deflation between.


I can probably do about two of the easy ones, and then I’d need a week off. :slightly_smiling_face:

Though there’s also the PotW - Choreographed! topic for some more manageable combos if anyone is looking for inspiration (or to share any discoveries).

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I have updated The Massive One! :partying_face::tada: Now there’s all of January-March’s from this year in there too, for anyone who was finding it too easy. :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s that time again… :slight_smile:

The Massive One has got even massiver. :boom: :sweat_drops: This takes the Position count now to over a whopping 200 :100::100:

How many have you tried? :slightly_smiling_face:

How adventurous have you been?
  • 0-20
  • 21-40
  • 41-60
  • 61-80
  • 81-100
  • 101-120
  • 121-140
  • 141-160
  • 161-180
  • 200+

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Phew took a while to get through that list!

Yep, in the 50s… though I think there’s a few exceedingly similar repeats in there and one which was definitely a case of, “Damn it, I’ve got cramp in my leg, I need to readjust!”

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I’ve just spotted I missed 181-200 out of the options. Fuck it. If anyone gets over 180 that’s good enough for me. :slightly_smiling_face::trophy: